Minecraft tips

Disable Needs decay

With the testingcheats true code enabled, press the “Shift” key and then click on your Sim. Choose the “Disable needs decay” option so that all Needs become static.

Make an object go up

If you’re unhappy about the default options of where you can place certain objects, you can easily make them go a bit further up. To do it, you have to select it by using your mice and then press the “Alt” and the “9” keys at the same time.

Reduce an object in size

If you end up making the object bigger than you’d like, that is not an issue since you can easily make them smaller. You just need to press the “Shift” and the “]” keys at the same time while you are targeting the desired object. The difference is that you can only reduce an object down to its original size, being unable to make them smaller than that.

Steps How to Download and Install Minecraft Optifine

Step 1: Download the File Optifine and Select the Appropriate version. Step 2: Activating the Installer

  • Tap the installer you’ve just downloaded that will run Optifine for Minecraft automatically. This will also build a profile, called “Optifine,” in your Minecraft launcher. Step 3: Run the Minecraft and Choose Optifine Profile Note: You’ll know, when you see the profile name on the Minecraft page, it works successfully.

Trap in villagers every time you find a village

This one might sound a bit cruel… But if you want to find villagers to trade with, trapping them in would stop them from wandering off or getting killed and some of the ways of doing this are walling up the village or blocking the doors of the houses as the villagers go to sleep. You’re just protecting them from zombies after all!

Walls and torches save lives

Building walls is something very important if you want to stay safe. Be it to protect your house or to stop creepers from sneaking up behind you while you’re tending to your crops. Walling up areas stops mobs from getting in while lighting up those areas will stop mobs from spawning in.

Storage Wars

Having an efficient and neat storage system would increase your productivity and make life in Minecraft much simpler. Keep your mining tools close to your mines, keep your food in a separate chest from your wood and if you’re good at Redstone, you can even make machines that sort out your items.

Plan out your builds

Let’s say you’re making a new base or renovating your existing one. The process would be much easier if you plan it out and do things like making a block palette or make a skeleton for your build with dirt before you use other materials. Remember, these should be the bare bones of your build made to set the aesthetics- not something intricate and difficult to understand. If you want, you can even use graph sheets to make physical designs of your builds!

The best fuel source: Lava

So you made it to the Nether or maybe there’s a surplus of lava in your closest lava pit. In that case, ditch all that grimy coal and get a bucket of lava and throw it in your furnace. A single bucket of lava can smelt 100 items while a whole block of coal can smelt just 80 items.

Automate your work

We talked about machines to sort your items earlier. But that’s not where it stops. You can make automatic farms, automatic item smelters and a lot more! This makes your work easier and is a cool thing to have in your world.