Minecraft tips

Rusty Doors and Trapdoors can be replaced by wooden stuff and iron blocks can be replaced polished granite

Switch to classic ui for a more fluid java like experience.

Trapdoors can TRAP non flying entities like fences.

Carry a book and quill on you when you adventure so you can mark coordinates down for structures and your own home.

Not sure if anybody has a different method or already do this, but I figured I would share just in case anyone else needed a method to keep track of everything. A book and quill is cheap enough to make and you can use it to keep track of where everything in your world is in case you decide to return to it or simply leave a world for awhile and then decide to come back. I started doing this about a month ago and it works wonders for both the Nether and the Overworld.

Add a cauldron over a camp fire to look like a stew is cooking!

Place a job station under a grave so it looks like villagers are mourning their dead :(

String (tripwire) can be used as a virtually invisible block to stop bamboo growth!

Don't move into a village and build 3 separate villager farms

You can run an afk fish farm while playing another account on splitscreen (on console)

Low the FOV, step back a little bit and you will have a more eye-pleasing image with less distortion!