Minecraft tips

Placing a birch pressure plate on an item frame completely covers it, making only the item visible.

Name something you always have on you the coordinates of your base, you will never get lost ^‿^

Place Coral on waterlogged slabs so they stay alive!

Add a spruce planks alongside oak planks to make them look wet!

Use buttons on top of fences and walls to add detail

You can now stack boats in your inventory using a fisherman villager.

Once you unlock a boat trade with a fisherman villager, you can click that trade, and it will pull all the alike boats in your inventory to the trade slot. This stack of boats can then be brought to your own inventory! Hello 2880 boats!

Use signs in places to remind yourself what you're going to build there.

Lower your FOV in 1.3, to counteract the latency due to being on a server.

It will make mobs in front of you seem closer, which will counteract them seeming slightly further away than they are.

Apparently, connecting to a SMP-server solves the "Resetting Controls"-problem.

Notch kind of mentioned this on twitter yesterday and it worked for me. I just connected to create.nerd.nu, adjusted my controls, et voila!

Gravel is ALWAYS hiding something.

I can't count the number of times I've found massive cave systems behind gravel mounds while mining. If you're out of new tunnels to explore, check out gravel spots.