Top 10 Minecraft tips

Use buttons on top of fences and walls to add detail

Add a spruce planks alongside oak planks to make them look wet!

Place Coral on waterlogged slabs so they stay alive!

Name something you always have on you the coordinates of your base, you will never get lost ^‿^

Placing a birch pressure plate on an item frame completely covers it, making only the item visible.

Low the FOV, step back a little bit and you will have a more eye-pleasing image with less distortion!

Use signs in places to remind yourself what you're going to build there.

String (tripwire) can be used as a virtually invisible block to stop bamboo growth!

Place a job station under a grave so it looks like villagers are mourning their dead :(

Add a cauldron over a camp fire to look like a stew is cooking!