Top 10 Minecraft tips

A single block of water can moisturize up to 80 blocks

If u are ever making a mini scale house you can put a door in an item frame and put 2 snow layers to make it look the like a house with a little spruce door.

Obtaining Coal Without Mining

You know that you need to farm for a lot of things on Minecraft – be it resources or weapons of any kind. However, there’s a way to acquire coal without even mining for it. You just have to make a furnace and smelt some logs – and voila! You have coal with you. The only downside of this technique is that you will not be able to make coal blocks – but it is still a good Minecraft trick if you really want the coal.

Pistons make for good pipes in an industrial themed build.

Steps How to Craft Smithing Table Minecraft

After the recent release to Minecraft (1.14), a Smithing table can be created within a village blacksmith ‘s building. Players may also render them, by following this tutorial. If a village has a Smithing table but no toolmaker, a nearby villager with no occupation has the ability to become a tool maker. Required Materials: You can really use some sort of wood planks. Then you only need to pick 2 iron ingots and 4 wood planks of the same sort. Step 1: Find the Crafting Menu and Open It. Step 2: Adding the Materials

  • Place 2 iron ingot and 4 wood planks into the crafting grid to make a Smithing table.The iron ingot and wood planks are essential to be put in a certain patter.
  • In the first row, 1 ingot of iron should be in the first box, and 1 ingot of iron in the second.
  • Place 1 iron ingot and 2 wood planks in the first column respectively, then do the same in the second column. Leave empty to third board. Step 3: Moving the Smithing Table to Your Inventory
  • A Smithing table icon should appear in the crafting menu after you have put the materials correctly.
  • Move it to your inventory once the crafting is completed.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just made a Minecraft Smithing table.

Unlock all objects

Many of the game’s objects are blocked and you can only get them by completing certain actions or performing some tasks. If you don’t want to bother with all that, you can use another one of the tips and tricks on The Sims 4: type in bb.showhiddenobjects to have everything at your disposal!

Steps How to Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Step 1: Put the Blast Furnace

  • Pick the blast furnace in your hotbar to use a blast furnace. If you don’t have a blast furnace in your inventory, you can easily produce one for a blast furnace with a crafting recipe.
  • Next, put your pointer (the plus sign) on a block at which blast furnace is to be mounted. In your game window you can see the block being illuminated. Step 2: Adding a Fuel to the Blast Furnace
  • You can use charcoal as a Fuel to the Blast Furnace, but there also some fuel alternatives. Step 3: Adding the Items
  • First, place an object that you want to smelt like diamond ores in the top box of the blast furnace. You can see the item smelting from the fire. Step 4: Moving the Item to Inventory
  • Once it is done, it is now time to put the items that you have made using the Blast Furnace to your Inventory.

Tweak the Game Setting for Brightness

Some do – and some don’t. And, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to light up a torch in the game to clearly see what’s going on. By default, the game has a moody brightness setting, so you just have to change it “Bright” for a better vision.

Make An Emergency Shelter

When you’re exploring the world – you will also encounter danger coming your way. Maybe, it is dark out there. Or maybe you are just alone in a very bad place. What do you do when you see enemies coming to attack you then? Of course, unless you have the firepower to fight back. You can simply start digging three blocks down and then put a block above you to keep yourself safe. Well, this is the fastest and the most efficient way. If you have more time, you can make sure that you have a torch with you and enough space to place a bed or anything that you deem necessary.