Minimalism tips

Play down the flooring

Keep your floors toned down. Light, natural-looking wood floors are great or if you're using a rug, choose one that's a solid color or has a very simple design. You don't want to draw particular attention to the floor

Harness the light

The more light, the better! Whether you're able to harness the natural light coming in through windows or you add other lighting options throughout your apartment, have as much light as possible. Making things brighter will add a clean, crisp feeling and make your apartment not feel crowded.

Take advantage of negative space

Negative space, white space or whatever you want to call the space that isn't used, is the most valuable piece of minimalism. There's no need to fill every open surface with decor or belongings. Having open, unused space makes your apartment feel larger and calmer, so just because you can put something in an open area doesn't mean you should.

Keep woods natural

Having a natural finish on wood pieces will give more warmth than painted pieces. It displays the wood in its most basic form, further adding to the simplicity you're aiming for with minimalism. You can have natural wood on almost any piece of furniture, from entire dressers and tables to chair legs or picture frames.

Create a Routine

Creating a daily routine is underestimated, a lot. What if you don’t have to think about what to wear, what to drink, what to eat, when to get up? What if these little details are already settled and the only thing you need to do is do the work you want. The work that will inspire, help others? You will be most probably 300% more productive and more satisfied with your life. Find out what is the most important task (tasks) in your life and clear your schedule for making this sole thing. Soon enough you will begin to live more focused and more meaningful life.

Buy Less Stuff

It’s kind of obvious but a lot of people don’t realize how our buying habits can enslave us. The more you buy the less money you will have, therefore you will have a larger debt. But that’s not all. You will own more possessions which will only cloud your thinking and clutter your physical space as mentioned. Only because there is a sale in the nearest mall this doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of it. Create a list of the things you really need in your life. For example, a new iron because the current one you have is not ironing your clothes good and the ceramic plate is damaged. List all of your things in a list and do your best to NOT buy things that aren’t inside your list.

Learn To Live Below Your Means

Let’s make something together. Let’s together bankrupt all banks and more precisely all organizations offering loans and quick cash loans. What do you say? These institutions are pure evil. They are as bad as cancer. I see a lot of people living their lives on credit, working only to have enough to cover their monthly payments to the bank. Taking credits to sustain your living it’s like a ticking time bomb. No matter how much you earn, you need to learn to live below your means and save some cash for the future. Being debt-free should be one of your main priorities. The sole thought that you owe money to someone can be devastating and can consume your mind. It can block your creative thinking and make you a slave to a job you hate so much. Lower rent, utilities, bills and etc., will translate into higher savings over time, thus a happy life. Do everything possible to save some cash so that you can pay off your debt as soon as possible. This will help you concentrate and focus towards what matters.

Aim for Efficiency

Do you have too many cups, glasses, dishes and it’s getting hard to choose the right one? Do you spend an awful amount of time searching for your favorite t-shirt each morning? Do you have too much home decoration and you need one full day to clean the dust from these items? The things we own are tools for achieving different things but they should only help us reach a goal, not waste our time. For example, you need a cup to prepare a coffee so you can wake up and be more productive. The cup itself doesn’t quite matter. The important thing is the effect of the coffee. In most of the cases, even the coffee brand won’t matter. The drinking coffee act is helping on a subconscious level. The same is true for our clothes. We need clothes to protect our bodies from the outdoor atmospheric conditions. The brand and the color of the clothes don’t matter in a practical perspective. They only matter to ourselves and to the society. You need clothes to go outside to buy food, work, or communicate with others. Buying a $200 pen won’t help you write better. Only writing can help you write better. People choose different brands, colors, materials, tools, because these things best resonate with their personality. The early adopters of the Apple products were considering themselves as innovators, rebels, people who are against the large corporations. You will buy a Mac book Pro not so much of the features of the laptop. You will get it because of the message this product will tell others about yourself. Still, remember that things are just things. A bigger house won’t make you happier. Bigger family will.

Avoid Putting a Lot of Stuff Around

We don’t have anything on our walls in our apartment, except in our bedroom.4 My girl is still trying to convince me that we should hang paintings or pictures. Even though I want to put some pictures, I still haven’t found the ones I really love. Probably when we have a child we will put some family photos but for now, I prefer to have white walls. Having empty space around is really important to avoid depression and get this nasty suffocating feeling. Like you’re living in a cage. Before we bought our current apartment with my girlfriend, we were renting a small condo. The place was full of stuff from the original owner itself. Decorations. Tons of artificial flowers and other things that were making the place look even smaller than it actually was. Even though we got rid of most of the stuff after speaking with the landlord, there were still things we had to get used to. The apartment we bought is not so big but the way we decorate it gives the impression that it’s huge. We did it simply by not crowding the space with junk everywhere.

Designate A Place For Everything

The best way to know where your car keys are is to put them in the same place every day. If you just leave stuff here are there you will often search for them. Something quite irritating. Designate a place for your shoes. A place for the glass of water on your desk. The remote control of your TV – if you have a TV. Before I go to bed, I take a couple of minutes to arrange my desk to look like this: I leave it like this before I go to bed. I do this every day and I make sure the coasters are looking exactly as in the picture above. I also wash my glass of water and I prepare my coffee machine for the next morning. These things take me no more than 5 minutes but they save me a lot more time the next day. When I’m sleepy I can wash a glass for 10 minutes without realizing. I’m sure you can relate. Apply this simple technique for all of your possessions. This is the best advice to keep your home organized and also the best thing you can do to stay focused and avoid your home from clutter.