Minimalism tips

Just sleep on it

Sleep hygiene works hand-in-hand with all of the other elements of health to keep your mind and body operating at peak performance. It must be prioritized, even if you have to change your mindset and routine to do so.

Manage your expectations

Do you tend to have very high expectations or make unrealistic assumptions? When there’s a big gap between what you want or expect and reality, it causes anxiety, frustration, and discord. You can have dreams, hopes, and beliefs, but better that they are sensible.

Be strategic in life and work

Incorporate strategic planning into your day-to-day so you can push the things that bring success (and stop the things that aren’t working). Always think before acting. Execution is useless without the plan that rationalizes it, and process that guides it.

Embrace sustainable living

Global warming is a real threat to humanity, but it feels like a distant danger — and figuring out what actually helps can be confusing. Don’t let the complexities stop you from sustainable living. Sustainable living leads to more thoughtful decision making, which is at the core of living a simple life.

Learn how to be happy

Even the pursuit of positive things should be done in moderation. Be careful not to let your quest to be happy turn into yet another thing you want that you don’t have.  Happiness shouldn’t be seen as a final destination, but the outcome of intentional daily choices.

Elevate your environment

People underestimate the extent to which surroundings impact their mood, thoughts, and behaviors. This includes both the aesthetic and atmosphere (i.e. energy). It’s important to understand the type of environments that inspire you so you can choose where you spend your time wisely.

Indulge in simple pleasures

Life feels richer when you stop to appreciate the little things. What you take for granted are likely to be the very things that add happiness to your life. Indulge in them often.

Eliminate clutter

Work on decluttering both your physical and mental clutter that is taking up space. What are the unnecessary things, thoughts, activities, and people, you have in your life right now? It’s time to take inventory and keep only the essential. This is an essential pillar of minimalist living.

Know what you don’t know

You don’t know everything so stop acting like you do. And guess what? It’s better to admit when you just don’t know, rather than put on a facade that someone might see through.

Be in sync with others

Learn how to listen and communicate better and don’t dominate interactions by focusing on yourself.  You’ll make closer connections when you try to be more interested instead of interesting.