Minimalism tips

Overcome scarcity thinking

Stop assuming there aren’t enough resources to go around, and that you have to take from others to have for yourself. Get out of the fixed pie mindset and think more abundantly.

Think like a stoic

A simple tip from the Stoic playbook: be realistic about what you have the power to change. It won’t be everything, so focus your energy and resources on what you can control. While stoicism isn’t directly a part of minimalism, it is a very close relative and both focus on simple living.

Create a morning routine

One of the best minimalist living tips is to simplify your mornings. You don’t have to be subject to the whim of other people and their agendas. You can have a choice about how you spend your day. It comes down to one act: use a morning routine to become more mindful about what you want out of it.

Develop a life philosophy

If your life feels arbitrary there’s a way you can feel more in control. Determine what you will live by, and stand for, with a simple strategy for finding yourself.

Develop a growth mindset

You don’t have to be a New Age disciple to believe in the power of a growth mindset. In fact, you can ignore all of the woo and look at science: positive thinking backed with a plan improves your brain.

Practice the 80/20 rule

Brush up on the Pareto Principle because its application can be life-changing. In terms of minimalism, you can view the rule as: of all the things you have and do only a few contribute significant value and meaning. Focus on  those things over all others.

Judge fairly and precisely

Avoid skewing the data with exaggerations and stereotypes when it comes to analyzing people and situations. If you can’t refrain from judging at least be methodical in your approach.

Pre-plan your day

One of the best ways to start the day with a sense of control is to spend a few minutes the evening before putting a game plan in place, and then reviewing that plan throughout the day to stay on track.

Ask for help when needed

There will always be times when you’ve exhausted your resources and have to depend on someone else to progress. Helplessness is a weakness, not occasionally and strategically reaching out for support. Know the difference.

Avoid Burnout

Somewhere along the way “faster” became synonymous with “better”, but it’s a total misconception. For many things in life, endurance is required to obtain them. So don’t burn out before reaching your mark. Accept that some improvement can be better than perfection. Even when it comes to simple living, extreme minimalism can lead to frustration and burnout.