Motorcycles tips

Open your face shield BEFORE you sneeze.

I'm such an idiot

Put A Key Ring On Any Zipper For Quick/Easy Access With Gloves On.

Put your parking garage ticket under tank cap lid for easy entry/exit

If you have to sneeze while riding, hold your tongue to the roof of you mouth. Anybody else have some tips for riding?.

If you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you have to sneeze, it stops the feeling of having to sneeze, making you not sneeze. This saved me from messing up my full helmet a few times when there was high pollen. *Edit: Now I feel stupid for not proof checking the title. 'roof of your mouth'

Avoid semi trucks like the plague.

About month ago I started working in the big rig department of a tire shop. More often than not (so far, and without exaggerating), there is something considerably wrong with one or more tires: little tread depthsevere crackingseparationunder inflation (pretty common, causes blowouts)chunks of tread missingSERIOUSLY EXCESSIVE WEAR is way too common and the godforsaken retreads and the driver or the company are often too cheap to replace them. One truck came in for an air check and when I started inspecting the deep cut in the sidewall the driver said "ah, don't look at the cracks". I used to zip past these big boys because I didn't like the blind spots. Now? I fly past these monstrosities 20-30 mph over the speed limit praying to god and his brother gosh nothing explodes, and I recommend you all do the same. (I'm sure any cop would understand)

When parking your motorcycle in one of those spots allocated for a group of Motorcycles and Scooters take a photo from behind of your bike and surrounding fews number plate.

Last night I had my Cafe Racer parked in one of these spots beside me were a couple of Scooters on either side, one of them have knocked my bike over and now it's got a smashed headlight, handlebar mirror and my helmet which was attached.. no note either, fuckin' spewin'.

Start with the simple solution to the problem first.

I spent the better part of today looking through my KLR electrical system to see why my GPS wasnt getting any power. I wound up undoing all the wires in my accessory wire harness (aftermarket add on), checking all the grounds opeining up all the connections, even re-soldered a few, re-routed some wires, covered some wear spots I found. Really it was maintenance that I should have done a long time ago but have been putting off. Then after I get frustrated quit for the night my wife asks if I checked the fuses? Yeh roughly 8 hours worth of work, and never did I check the fuse.Moral of the story, start with the easiest solution and work up from there.

How to keep cool in your leathers.

Just a little tip for staying cool in your leather jacket as the weather gets warmer. Take you t-shirt and soak it completely. Wring it out. Put the saturated shirt back on and put your jacket over the shirt. It will dry out eventually, but for an hour or so it will feel like your torso is being air-conditioned.