Top 10 Motorcycles tips

Stay to the outside of blind corners

Find great deals on CraigsList.

Try searching for the terms "baby" or "child". Usually, you'll find the folks selling their bikes at low or very reasonable prices because they have a baby on the way. Other times, it'll be guys or gals selling "their baby". (Hint: The former is going to be the better deal.) You may not always find what you're looking for, but I've found a lot of great deals this way.

Get your registration and insurance card laminated and you'll never have to worry about keeping them dry and unwrinkled.

I know that many of you already do this but a lot of riders just don't think about it. It's saved my ass more than a few times. Office Depot and its competitors do laminations for about $1.50 per document and it takes no time at all.

Make a label of common torque values for your bike and stick it under the seat.

I've been doing a lot of post-winter maintenance on the VFR recently and have grown tired of running inside all the time to look up torque settings for the things that I'm taking on and off all the time. It seems obvious but I've not got the best memory and this works well for me. Pic of the obvious. Bonus pic of the stable.

If you're selling your bike, always have a cloth handy.

There is a 200% rise in the chance of a bird taking a shit on your bike when you're waiting for someone to have a look at it.