Music tips

Convert Any Music To Save It On Your Device

Since Amazon allows its Prime members to only listen to the song and not download it, you cannot save a music file into your system locally, directly from Amazon Music. However, with the help of Amazon music converter tools, you can simply convert one of the Amazon Music Unlimited tools to Mp3 and save them in your system locally. You can then listen to that song at any point of time. With tools like DRmare, you can effortlessly convert the Amazon songs to any file format you wish or one that is supported by your system. It guarantees superb quality music converted at an amazing speed. The best part is that, to do so, you are not required to install the Amazon Music Unlimited app in your system.

Reduction In The Data Consumed

The Amazon Music Unlimited app lets you pick the quality of audio you wish to listen to. When using the app over your cellular connection, you can increase or decrease the quality of audio. If you are worried that the data pack on your phone will not be able to bear the tough strain of high-quality music and you are planning to listen to a bunch of songs, you can reduce the quality and hence, reduce the data usage. From the settings, and then from the stream quality options, you can pick a quality option of your choice.

If Not Aware Of The Song Name, Alexa Can Help You Out.

Do you have the access to Amazon Music Unlimited and Echo or just any other Alexa-enabled device? Then a few tricks will help you make the most of it. One of the best ones is to be able to recognize a song with the help of a few lyrics or just one line. However, if you don’t want to sing the song then there is no compulsion to do so. All you need to do is to say, “Hey Alexa, which song goes like…….” and just say the lines you remember or the lyrics to get the song name identified by Alexa. Alexa will not only identify the song name for you, but it will also speak the name of the song artist, and then start singing it for you.

Enjoy Hearing To The Tracks Until You Fall Asleep

If you are not sleepy but know that listening to the melodious voice of Ed Sheeran or any other artist or music will make you fall asleep, then Amazon Music Unlimited is your go-to choice. You can customize your playlist based on what you want to listen to every night and enjoy the same through its mobile app. For android users, there is a cog icon on the browser, and by clicking on it the sleep timer option is selected. However, if you are an iOS user you will notice three dots in your browser, select that and then click on the settings and pick the sleep timer option.

Get The Latest Song Recommendations

If you are bored of listening to your current playlist and want to change your existing playlist you can get help from Alexa. All you need to do is to simply ask Alexa to play a song sung by one of your favorite artists. You can also ask Alexa to play the latest songs for you. Who knows, this way you might end up discovering any new artist who will become your next favorite.

Know The Lyrics

Many people do not know this but amazon music can display the lyrics of the song you are listening to, on your screen. This feature provides the perfect way to learn the lyrics of your favorite song. You can even sing along without messing up the lyrics while the song is playing in the background. Moreover, you can easily enable this feature on your mobile. You might have noticed a double line near the playback bar just tap that option. In case you are unable to find that option then probably the lyrics for that particular song is unavailable.

Enjoy Melodious Music Even When Offline

Do you know that you can enjoy your favorite songs even when you are offline? You just need to download the songs that you love. To listen to your favorite track, you just click on the song that you wish to download, besides that song you will find an ellipsis icon. After clicking on the ellipsis icon you will find a download option. You can also download an entire playlist if you wish. After successfully downloading your favorite tracks or playlist you can enjoy them when offline.

Optimize storage

Don’t fill up your phone’s internal drive with music you’re not listening to. The Optimize Storage feature in Apple Music automatically deletes downloaded songs if storage is running low and you haven’t listened to them in a long time. This feature is a great way to keep your phone from filling up with music you don’t need. Once you set it up, there’s nothing else you’ll have to do. It works when you need it to. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Scroll to Music > Optimize Storage.

Use built-in Shazam

Did you know that Shazam is built right into iPhones, even without the app being downloaded? This handy tool can help you figure out what songs are playing when you’re in the car, in a public space or while watching shows or movies. If you’re trying to find out what a song is fast, all you have to do is tap the Shazam button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app will identify the music you’re listening to and save it to your library. To use this feature:

  • Open the Control Center or tap the Shazam app on your device.
  • Tap or click the Shazam button to identify what’s playing around you.

What is Apple Music One?

Have you heard of Apple Music One? This service gives you access to Apple Music radio as well as other useful features. You can use it to stream broadcast radio stations from all over the world — including your local stations — or tune in to Apple Music’s live radio stations to hear shows hosted by the biggest names in music. You can also use Apple Music One to create your own stations from the music you love in the Apple Music app. Plus, you can save songs that you hear on a custom station and live radio station on Apple Music or see your recently played stations. This service’s features make it possible for you to curate your own listening experience via your phone. Related: Comparison of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more