Music tips

Arrange your searches

Add a “Not” word on unwanted searches and a “And” word on the searches you need in the future.

Extract your favorites from an artist track

You can get some of your favorite tracks from the artist’s whole tracks by searching the era with the artists’ name.

Access Radio for tracks

Select a “Radio” option on the left bar, then “Create a New Station.” After that, the radio will suggest you the tracks according to your choice.

Create a collaborative playlist

Click on the “Three Dots” and then the “Collaborative Playlist” option to allow your friends to add tracks to it.

Use Spotify Codes to share your tracks

First, you need to save the code by clicking on “Three Dots” on the right of the song and tap on the code, then click on the “Save to Photos” option. You can then share your tracks with your friends.

Increase your following

To increase your following, you need to go “Find Friends” option and then start following them and can check their listening tracks.

Track original version of songs

Spotify offers you to enjoy the original version of songs. You can check this by going to the bottom-right of the screen, where you find an option “1 More Release”.

Regain your removed playlist

Spotify allows you to recover your removed Playlist by going to the “Account Settings” option and then click on “Recover Playlists.”

Add tracks other than Spotify music

Select the “Preferences” option and then tap on “Add a Source” from the available options. After that, you can add this track to the local tracks folder in your library.

Create your Library

Add a new playlist in your library and add tracks into it. Then you can go to your playlist by accessing your library.