Music tips

Use Spotify by keyboard shortcuts

You can press the “Spacebar” to play or pause the tracks, use “Ctrl+Right” for going to the next track, use “Ctrl+Left” for going to the previous track, use “Ctrl+N” for the new playlist and many more shortcuts like this.

Enjoy your daily mix tracks

Spotify now offers its users to listen to their daily repeated tracks.

Use the web interface to listen to tracks

If Spotify is not installed on your device, then you can use their website by going to and can enjoy Spotify tracks.

Arrange your playing queue

Arrange your Spotify tracks in the queue by tapping on the “add queue” option in the bottom-right of the page.

Open your stats on Spotify

To see your stats, go to the “Made for you” option in your library.

Make a new playlist

For a new playlist, click on the “New Playlist” option on the left side. Then, you have to select the “Add to Playlist” option and click on “New Playlist” to create the playlist.

Download and convert Spotify songs to MP3

For downloading Spotify songs to MP3, you need to download a music converter like AudKit Spotify Music Converter. There are some features of this music converter that makes it special and easy to use. The steps of downloading and conversion of Spotify tracks are given below:

Download tracks for offline use

You can listen to Spotify offline tracks by going into the “Library” and click on the “Setting” option. After that, you can view an “Offline Mode” option then turn it on.

Experience the lossless sound quality

Tap on the “Menu” option to expand the menu and then select the “Music Quality” settings. Then do change the music quality to Normal, High, or Very High.

Know That Progress Doesn’t Happen in a Straight Line

Don’t expect your piano progress to always happen in a forward motion. It’s very common that pianists put in the time practicing and don’t feel an immediate improvement. Just remember that this is a very normal part of practicing the piano. Acknowledge that all of the time you put into your piano practice will add up to long-term success. But, also accept that the rewards are almost never immediately and sometimes might even feel like, despite all of your work, things are going worse. It’s a frustrating feeling but learning to play an instrument is the ultimate form of delayed gratification. It will all pay off over time