Music tips

Play your music during a game

I miss those days where you could simply upload your songs to GTA: Vice City game folder, play the game and listen to the music simultaneously. While you can still load up a music player and launch a game but that won’t give you the option to change tracks mid-game. Steam, however, has an inbuilt music player that can play all the songs stored locally on your computer. Simply add the folder and launch the music player in the game by pressing Shift+tab. Easy right? Read: 15 Best YouTube Music Tips And Tricks

Install your games on multiple drives

If you’re worried that you’d run out of storage while hoarding games during the Steam sale, you’d be right. However, Steam lets you download the games across multiple drives. Simply add all the drives location in the Settings and you’re good to go. Navigate to Settings > Downloads > Content Libraries > Steam Library folders > Add Library folder> OK. Now, whenever you install a new game, you can specify the location and steam would download the games to that location.

Skin your Steam Client

When it comes to cosmetics, there are plenty of third-party skins developed by the community that allows you to change the Steam interface. You can get different varieties of skins ranging from Anime to solid dark. is the most popular and trusted site to get your favorite Steam Skins from. Installing the theme is also really easy. Simply download a skin from the website, extract the files from the archive and paste it in the Steam folder, and then restart Steam Client. You can find detailed steps for every theme on its respective page.

Keep an eye out for Steam Sales and deals

This is more of a courtesy tip as Steam games often go on sale and offer deep discounts, it is hard to keep track of which do and when. You can subscribe to the subreddit r/steamdeals or check out to get the latest deals on Steam game deals and any upcoming sales. While the subreddit is user generated, you can still find plenty of decent deals from there. In my opinion, however, is much better in terms of filtering deals based on your game interests.

Pro tip: It’s always a good idea to keep games in your wishlist so that whenever a game goes on sale, you won’t have to frantically search for it.

Alternatively, you can also visit and whenisthenextsteamsale to track the same.

Return your Games

Steam has a pretty solid refund policy that applies to every single title on the Steam marketplace. You can buy any title, and ask for a refund if you have played the game for less than two hours in total, and initiated a refund within fourteen days of purchase. While it is a policy to protect users and game developers, it is often abused and Steam will definitely ban your account if you do it frequently. You can read more about their policy here.

Listen to whole albums...

Not just singles. When I was younger I use to just listen to singles or a few of the greatest hits song. But ever since I have been starting to collect vinyl, my music library has broaden up and now I have to listen to albums not just one track..

Turn OFF Spotify's "Normalize Volume" Setting

Don't wear contacts to a GWAR show.