Music tips

Make A Huge Lead Sound

Sound design is arguably one of the most important pieces of your production - especially in trap music. Huge leads that thump along to a booming sub bass during the drop are the defining characteristics of this genre. Because of this, sound design is extremely important and is what makes your track stand out above the rest. A great lead will set you apart from the competition, so let’s dive into a few quick tips to help improve your sound. Now, we understand that sound design isn’t the easiest thing to learn overnight. An easy way to give you a head start would be to load up a number of

Processing Your Drums

One of the biggest mistakes a new producer can make is to over-process, or under-process their drums and drum busses. Drums, especially in bass music, can really make a drop stand out, so it’s important to get them right. Here are a few quick tips to make your drums really stand out. Remember, the drums, next to the 808, are one of the most important elements in this genre of music, so you’re going to want to take extra care of them.


When working in trap music, sidechain compression is your best friend! Sidechain compression simply ducks, or compresses, the volume of a sound so that frequencies that may have the potential to clash, don’t. Generally speaking, a

Picking The Right Kick And Snare

There aren’t many elements to a song that stand out as much as the kick and snare. Both are hard hitting pieces of your song that you should take extra care of, especially when working in the trap genre.


Having a large sub bass that really hits in your drop is a key element to trap music. Here are a few quick tips and suggestions for you to try and boost your sub to really hit when it’s most important.

Explore Curated Playlists

One of the best things about Apple Music is the editorially curated playlists. Go to the For You section and explore the playlists created by Apple Music curators.

Browse Your Personalized Playlists

Every week, Apple Music creates personalized playlists for you. One playlist is My Favourites Mix, which is a playlist of your favorite songs. Another is My New Music Mix which is a mix of things Apple Music thinks you will like based on your listening habits.

Bring Back Stars

iOS 10 switched the rating system to a simple like-dislike. But if you’re running iOS 10.2 or higher, you can bring back the starting system using a setting preference. Go to Settings -> Music and enable Show Star Ratings. Now, in the contextual menu, you’ll see a starring option.

Only View Downloaded Songs

There’s no official Offline mode in the Music app. But there’s a way to only list downloaded music. Open the Music app, go to Library and tap on Downloaded Music from the top list. If you don’t find that option here, tap on Edit and select it to enable it.

Add In Melodic Elements

Melodic elements can really add flare to your track. Things like an arpeggiator, unique synths, or adding in stabs, can make your track flow and grab the attention of the listener. For instance, brass instruments are often used in trap music throughout the drops and can add a heaviness that’s found in this genre of music. Check out this