Top 10 Music tips

Keep an eye out for Steam Sales and deals

This is more of a courtesy tip as Steam games often go on sale and offer deep discounts, it is hard to keep track of which do and when. You can subscribe to the subreddit r/steamdeals or check out to get the latest deals on Steam game deals and any upcoming sales. While the subreddit is user generated, you can still find plenty of decent deals from there. In my opinion, however, is much better in terms of filtering deals based on your game interests.

Pro tip: It’s always a good idea to keep games in your wishlist so that whenever a game goes on sale, you won’t have to frantically search for it.

Alternatively, you can also visit and whenisthenextsteamsale to track the same.

How to Repeat in Apple Music

Can’t get enough of your favorite song? Play a song and then open it in fullscreen mode. You should now see the familiar repeat button with two arrows circling each other just below the menu button. Tap on it once or twice until you see the icon is highlighted and the number 1 is displayed near the arrows.

Return your Games

Steam has a pretty solid refund policy that applies to every single title on the Steam marketplace. You can buy any title, and ask for a refund if you have played the game for less than two hours in total, and initiated a refund within fourteen days of purchase. While it is a policy to protect users and game developers, it is often abused and Steam will definitely ban your account if you do it frequently. You can read more about their policy here.

Don't wear contacts to a GWAR show.

How to See Lyrics in Apple Music

Apple Music has added lyrics for most songs in their library. That’s awesome. Play your favorite song and open the song in fullscreen. You will now see a double quite icon inside a square. Tap on it once to launch the lyrics. Your lyrics will scroll automatically with the song, but you may move ahead or backward if you so wish. Tap on the lyrics icon again to close it.

Check your mix in mono (or mix in mono completely)

This was a game changer for me. I remember I had just finished a hot new track, and was DJing later that night. I dropped it at peak time, and the vocals were completely missing! This was before I knew about phase cancellation. Some stereo sounds will cancel themselves out in mono, so always mix (or at least check your mix) in mono before working on the stereo field. You can do this easily in Ableton Live by adding a “Utility” plugin on the master chain, and assigning a keyboard shortcut to toggle the stereo width between 0% and 100%. All DAW’s will have a similar capability.

How to Create Playlists in Apple Music

While Apple creates excellently curated playlists of music on their own, you can create yours too. Tap on the Library tab in the bottom bar and select New Playlist option. Give your playlist a name, description, and album cover. If you leave the cover empty, Apple Music will create a cover based on the first few songs you add to it. Speaking of adding songs, tap on Add Music right below to begin adding music tracks to your newly created playlist.

Treat mixing and mastering as the separate beasts they are

Further to number 10, treat the two processes as separate. Eric Prydz says his mastering engineer basically makes his tracks sound a little bit louder, but all the “fatness” is there in the mix beforehand.

How to Delete Songs in Apple Music

You can delete both songs and playlists in Apple Music. Open either of them and tap on the three-dot menu icon to select the Delete from library option. Note that if you have added an entire playlist, you can’t delete an individual song from it. You can only delete songs from your own playlist.

Use side-chain compression

Create space in your mix by side-chaining certain sounds with others. For instance, use the kick to slightly compress the bass, or use the vocals to sightly compress the synth’s higher frequencies.