Overwatch tips

Turn on team voice chat auto join!.

The setting is under sound. That way you can communicate with your team easier. You can also activate voice activation here.

You won't make it far on the highest difficulty if you throw damage orbs as Moira.

The burst damage can easily line up to wipe your whole team if you don't have healing orbs ready.GL HF everyone!

Quickly CRTL-jumping with Baptiste results in a Higher Jump and Requires No Charge Time.

Didn't know if everyone was aware. If you hit the CTRL button a tiny bit before you jump, you get about a 15-20% higher jump with no charge time.

When hearing Zen’s Ult, GET IN THE EFFING CIRCLE.

For most of you this is common sense but so many times I throw my ult to counter another ult only to notice my team trying to run away from the genji and getting sliced in half.Or I throw my ult so that we can finally push into the point to notice that I’m literally the only one in it while my team is shooting at the enemy all the way from Horizon Lunar Colony.

Prioritize Bastion over Orisa.

For the first Orisa you can really do w/e tho because that bastion doesn't really affect the fight since she just moves in past his sight)Bastion's turret damage makes it impossible to deal with the Orisa without getting murdered. Once the bastion is dealt with however, The team can begin moving into Orisa's killzone. If all you're doing is poking at the choke trying to destroy the Orisa's barrier and get the smallest chip damage it isn't going to work.