Overwatch tips

When in party chat, select "Prioritize game chat" to auto enter team chat in a match, and be put back into party chat in between games.

Now listen here you insta-locking douche-b's. I'll play healer for you in comp, but I need you to be able to hear my discord, speed amp, anti-heal nade, and nano boost call outs. I know group chat is kind buggy right now on the home screen, for whatever reason you prefer party chat, or maybe you're just too lazy to execute the four button presses required to switch to team chat. This simple, yet little known trick solves all of those "problems."Oh yeah, that Reaper is still behind us, you mute, thumbless fuckers.

If you point directly down, your spray will "flip" 180 degrees

The little number in the middle of the screen shows the number of teammates in your line of sights.

This means the number shows how many people you are healing/speed boosting right now. Always look at the number if you want to activate your ultimate to get sound barrier for as many teammates as possible.

How to get on the shuttle in Watchpoint:Gilbraltar with ANY hero.

This isn't some secret route but I thought it might be useful for the newer players.

If a Talon Assassin is on an ally, you can melee them to knock them off.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen many people acknowledge this, but it makes dealing with assassins much easier. If anyone has any other “tricks” fee free to leave them in the comments. Good luck completing legendary!

Her rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fire a projectile when not.

Ana's rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fires a projectile when unscoped. If you're unaware, hitscan pretty much means it will hit instantly, or at least as fast as the server will recognize it. Unscoped it will fire a projectile, much like Hanzo's arrow. No damage falloff, and no headshot bonus on either mode. Also, no damage increase when zoomed in.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry0GdtQP9XE

If enemy pushes the playload to the end, it doesn't mean that you lost the match, you can allways do the same faster.

It happens frequently that someone in match gives up or even leaves it after 1st half defending and enemy pushes the payload all the way. This is even more frustrating when attackers trigger overtime before they get it to the end and then someone on the defendenig team decides ok we lost this. In reality if the 1st attacker triggered OT there is plenty of time for the 2nd attackers get it there faster. So don't give up on the win!