Overwatch tips

Translocator Bait.

There is one gimmicky play I recently discovered with Sombra. If you throw your translocator to some area, visible by the enemy, someone will, usually, come over to camp it, and while they are doing that, they tend to relax a bit and stand still, that's where you come up to them and shoot them from behind, they are likely to panic and you have pretty good chance for a kill. Not only that strat can bring you kills, it also discourages people from camping your translocators in a future, so it can massively improve Sombra's gameplay (nothing is more frustrating than being caught in camp after you use translocator.

Avoiding "Been here all along!".

Sombra will come out of invisibility silently if she uses an emote - I recommend "Hold On" as it is a short and silent emote - Amused and Masterpiece have audio with the emote and are quite lengthy.

Mei's wall is great for assisting Mercy with rezzes.

It's probably common sense to most, but I've been seeing some Mei's in my games paying close attention to our Mercy and providing walls for her when she needs to rez.It's great to see this, especially since nobody has been asking them to do it. So just a friendly tip for anyone who likes playing Mei, take care of your Mercy, get more out of your rezzes :)

If the enemy team has a Zen and keeps ruining your Zaryas ults, get an Ana.

As soon as your Zarya ultimates and everyone's captured, throw your biotic grenade down range. Watch as their team gets wrecked even though transcendence is up. I'm astounded at how little I see this.

Pretend the enemy team is your Lucio and/or Mercy.

If you dodge them half as well as you dodge your healer, you won't need healing!I kid, but in all seriousness, I had a match last night where I was playing Lucio, and my team kept scattering in front of me like cockroaches running from the light. I finally gave up on even trying to heal and went DPS.I know people rage about healers/support switching classes, but if you're not going to take advantage of having me in the support role, I'm going to switch to something that will at least enable me to be somewhat effective.