Overwatch tips

Alternate Hanamura Reinhardt Rollout

Flipping your Ice Wall and putting it into the group of enemies does a great job disrupting/reducing their movement to make shooting them easier.

Just a nice way to use Ice Wall on cooldown. Try it out.

When you hook someone as Roadhog, you can just hold down m1 to make your gun fire at the first active frame.

You know that down time when you're waiting for your newly hooked enemy to be dragged into you and you're timing just when to push m1 to try and get the shot in at just the right time? Just hold m1 and you'll get it perfect every time. Not sure if this is well known info but I didn't find out until like a week ago and I'm sitting at nearly 100 hrs.

Join the enemy team's chat to get the inside scoop.

This just happened in my competitive match. Sombra's gone too far.http://imgur.com/a/mI0fW

Instead of introducing yourself as a Hanzo main, instead say you're a projectile main.

We all know people hate Hanzo mains, but by saying you are a "projectile main" instead, they will think that you also play accepted picks such as Junkrat and Pharah, maybe even Orisa or Zenyatta, and be less critical of your actions. If you picked Hanzo, you must know what you are doing and think he is the proper pick if you can play the other heroes but chose not to.

Keybind "Thanks" to an easy-to-reach button to let people know you appreciate healing etc.

I bound my "Thanks" voiceline to "4" on the keyboard, and whenever I get heals now, I drop a "Thanks" to the healer etc., which in my opinion has had a small effect on how toxic some people are. Also, my friend who mains Mercy says that every time someone thanks her, she's furtherly encouraged to stay on as Mercy etc. So remember folks, thank your healers!

Reaper, Lucio, and Pharah can ult and teleport at the same time.

PharahLucioReaper If someone actually managed to get this off in-game, that'd be insane.

Instead of focusing on blaming an uncooperative teammate, focus on what you can control, your own reaction to the situation, potentially salvaging the game.

This message should be promoted more, I can think of so many games I had in comp when people throw their whole focus at the teammates who onetricks or just picks what they want no matter what, reacting to them by blaming and picking nonsense themselves. It only creates toxicity or forces that player to mute.It's a FACT, you can't control some strangers behaviour, what you can do, is control your own, even if you end up with 5 DPS it's still salvagable if teammates are supportive.And logic that "I don't want that guy to win, so I just throw as well." makes no sense and should be reported.Not to mention that the selfish teammate will be more willing to switch and see error in his ways, if other teammates act maturely.