Overwatch tips

Use Piledriver as a Double-Jump to get to Ledges Infront Of Hammond.

The ability moves Hammond forward a short distance as you would know attempting to land on the edge of terrain—but it also raises Hammond into the air a bit more, and using this and the payload you can jump and use Piledriver to reach ledges just out of reach.

You can activate your E instantly based on your current fire mode.

Basically the title. If you activate your E while holding down left mouse button it will fire the healing orb instantly and if you activate it whilst dealing damage it will send a damage orb.

Don't get a pet rabbit

The map events always happen at the same time and in the same order.

Credit to Ninja_waves on TwitchThis is on Hard- 5:50 right bomb- 5:35 Left bomb- 4:50 Reaper - 3:50 Mid bomb- 3:35 Left bomb - 2:50 Roadhog - 1:50 Junkrat - 1:45/40 Reaper - 0:44 Bombs left & right - 0:00 Mercy & Roadhog & Junkrat

To avoid listening to a teammate spam selecting a character, simply hit F1 for the info screen and wait out the setup timer.

You can still hear and speak in voice, and use the text window. That is all.

Headshots or meatshots?.

I'm just wondering, when playing as Tracer; should you get as many bullets in your enemies (meatshots) or maximaze dmg output but always aiming for the head?I'm asking because the pistols have quite a spread.Thanks!

When You Hear Widowmaker Whisper Sexily, She Is Not Inviting You To Dinner...

She is inviting you to death! And she has just invited all her allies. You can hear Widowmaker's ult from a long distance. It's much easier for me when I play Mercy because I'm not constantly blasting away with a shotgun, but I've also heard it on Pharah, Reinhardt, Juckrat, and Reaper. It's hard at first, but after catching it the first couple of times, it becomes much easier. Learn to do this and then tell your team when the ult is up. It can really help! Edit: Here's the best clip I could find of it, though she says it in a whisper if you're on the enemy team. I don't speak French, but I'm pretty sure it translates as, "ayylmao, hacks. Get on my level, scrubs." PS: I am not actually a pro. I lied. Sorry.