Overwatch tips

If you are a McCree going against a Reinhardt with his shield up...

If Reinhardt has his shield up, and you are playing McCree, throw your flashbang above his shield (not onto it) and he will be stunned. This is great because you are able to take down one of the enemies tanks with a few Fan the Hammer shots and allows your team for a push while the enemy is disadvantaged. This works best when there are few-to-no people behind his shield...

Don't shoot sleeping targets unless you can kill them.

I've started getting into Ana lately, and this shit happens way to often. The amount of times I've put an enemy to sleep just to have them get shot by a long range reaper is infuriating. Sorry for the rant, but people should know by now how to synergize with Ana

I don't think many people realize.. but shooting a Rein shield while Zaryas bubble is on Rein GIVES Zarya power.


Turn The Kill Feed On

VideoVideo related to ‘overwatch’: top 10 tips and tricks you need to know2016-06-08T14:42:15-04:00 Overwatch is full of incredibly useful settings that might help you out in matches but that are for whatever reason disabled by default. One example is the kill feed, that little feature in most first person shooters that notifies you whenever anyone is killed. This is probably turned off in hopes of encouraging players not to focus on the game as a mere deathmatch; after all, too many newcomers harp on simply running around aimlessly and killing without caring much for the objective at hand. The kill feed might arguably make it appear that scoring deaths is the most important part of the game. That being said, it still helps to have it on in that it gives you crucial information about the current state of the match and when you might want to rush in or hold back. This is especially useful if you have a team that does not communicate very well. The fact that the latest kill is displayed at the top of the feed rather than at the bottom is a bit distracting, though, so be prepared for that.

Adjust the Settings for Individual Characters

VideoVideo related to ‘overwatch’: top 10 tips and tricks you need to know2016-06-08T14:42:15-04:00 The kill feed being off is not the only example of Blizzard hiding useful features in the menus and making them opt-in. You can customize the way every character behaves by playing around with their settings, so especially for heroes that you find yourself using often, it’s worth messing about in the menus and changing things up. Simply go to Options & Controls, pick a hero, and check out all the different choices in front of you. The embedded video from YouTuber Ms 5000 Watts outlines some good ones. For instance, for both Genji and Hanzo, a setting can be enabled so that you automatically climb walls without having to press any extra buttons. In the controls menu, all you have to do is turn on “automatically climb walls.” Reinhardt also has a nifty feature so that you can simply press once to enable the shield and press again to lower it. For that setting, all you’ve got to do is turn on “toggle barrier.”

Get to Know Your Counters

One of the most important skills you’ll want to get down right away is the ability to know what heroes to counter with. If you’re struggling against someone like Bastion, for instance, who’s mowing down your whole team while in sentry mode, switch to a counter like Genji or Junkrat. Get to know your counters and you’ll be good to go once you start getting overwhelmed during your next match. PC Gamer put together an helpful list of them, which we’ve assembled into a table below: