Personalfinance tips

Remember that wanting less is better than having more

Practice wanting less. This will give you inner contentment because you won’t always be looking at what someone else has and wanting something you don’t need. Wanting less leaves you more fulfilled and happier with your own life. Next step:

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Simplify your financial accounts

Instead of having a savings account for every planned activity in the future (e.g.: a vacation fund, an emergency fund, a down payment on a house fund, etc.), simplify your bank accounts. The number of checking and savings accounts is up to you, but consider long and hard why you need each. For example, I have one checking account and one savings account. Simpler is easier.

Spend money on experiences, not things

Spend money on experiences instead of things. This has proven to make people happier in the long run. Years down the road, you will remember the trip you took more than the purse you bought. This was hard for me at first but as I’ve gotten used to it, my mindset has shifted to prioritize experiences, which has made more meaningful memories for me.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Practice prioritizing the quality of something over the quantity of what you’re getting when you buy it. This may cause you to spend a little more, but only on things you value highly. I find that I spend less because I’m careful to buy only what is very valuable to me, even if it does cost a bit more.

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Practice purging

Make it a habit to purge things in your home that don’t add value to your life. If you’re not using something (whether it’s your clothes or your furniture), donate it or sell it. Having organized space with things you use will make you feel better about your environment.

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Use charitable gifting to lower your taxes

Donating your money can be a way to lower your taxes, too. Whether it’s from donating actual dollars to a charity, clothes to Goodwill, or appreciated assets from a charitable gift fund, there are plenty of ways to make donating a way to lower your taxes.

Make financial giving a priority

Financial giving is a way to be generous unlike any other because it requires you to give up your hard earned, precious dollars. When you prioritize giving, you come from a place of generosity. It will change your life if you consistently donate money.

Plan out what you give

A great personal finance tip to remember is to plan your giving. Instead of randomly giving here and there when the opportunity presents itself, plan your giving in advance. This gives you more control and helps you give to causes you believe in the most.

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Use Pinterest to DIY your life

Pinterest is a fantastic way to learn how to get everything you want for your home on a budget. There are tips and tricks for decorating, cleaning, creating, and all things home. If you’re not using Pinterest, you are missing out on a huge platform that can spark your creativity for your home and your money. Next step:

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Buy in bulk

If you have a family, buying in bulk is a great way to spend less. Canned items, paper products, and anything else you can store that won’t go bad are things you should look to buy in bulk at a lower price. Just be careful only to buy it if you need it and not because it’s a good deal.