Photography tips

Shoot in RAW

Shooting your images in RAW will allow you to control how they look later on without degrading their quality. You can adjust the exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, and way more in a RAW editor if you take photos in this format. The best part about this is that you will not absolutely destroy your image by editing a jpeg.

Do Some Prep

Before showing up for a shoot, it’s always best to do some prep. Having some ideas sketched out or some lighting ideas already in your mind will go a long way in helping to get your work done in lesser time.

Price Your Work Carefully

Before handing over any images, make sure you are clear on who owns the images. If you’re selling the copyrights for your images to the client, you need to include that in your pricing.

Take Several Wide Aperture Photos

Do you share the point that wedding photos, wedding videos with the blurred background look astonishing? If you would like to take such photos, you will need a wide angle lens that if high on bokeh. Keep in mind that the wider the aperture is, the lower the ISO will be, and accordingly the level of noise will be lower as well.

Correct White Balance

As a wedding photographer, you'll have to move around too much every time shooting in various wedding photography venue, so that's why you can leave the auto settings of white balance. You just won’t be able to change it all the time. It will be much easier to make such adjustments while editing the photos and use the white dress of the bride, which has perfect white balance.

Use Natural Light

If you have a choice between artificial light and natural light, always give preference to the latter option. However, you also should be very careful while shooting outside. Avoid places with much sunlight and move to shaded locations. Otherwise, you will get sharp and unattractive shadows.


One of the wedding photography tips that goes as a general rule is to keep the shutter speed in the range of 1/250 second. Of course, it can depend on the person and his/her steadiness of the hand, but 1/250 is considered to be the most suitable to capture every necessary moment.

Gather an Emergency Wedding Kit

Prepare a wedding kit. Put pins, a wooden hanger, stain remover and other helpful things in it. Such a kit will be very useful in some situations.

Use the Environment Around the Nuptials to the Fullest!

I have one favorite trick. It is “framing”. Shoot through a crowd and focus on one thing only. Such a trick will make the viewers think they are a part of this event each time they look at pictures. Taking shots through glass, using some architecture to frame nature, people, will give a very romantic look to the photo.

Watch for the Little, Unexpected Moments

Don’t forget to capture unexpected moments. When the bride sees the shots where she is sharing a special moment with a husband or parents, a smile will appear on her face.