Photography tips

Use the Reflector

The best camera settings for wedding ceremony along with the reflectors will provide incredible results. Reflectors are not very expensive and can add some dramatic effects to the pictures. As a rule, they bounce and direct the light back into the scene. They will help add fill light and let you play with it to take attractive shots.

Shoot Early

Every wedding photography guide states that the best time to shot couple’s accessories and details is prior to the dressing process. Exactly then, everything is untouched and has a perfect look. Ask the couple to put all the important details in one place before your arrival to save time.

Shoot Landscape at the Venue Before the Event

The man and woman choose a particular venue because it appeals to them. So, you’d better take some great shots of it before the ceremony starts. These photos will become a nice addition to a wedding album. Even little things will help you convey the general mood and atmosphere of the event. Besides, you can share some pictures with the venue owner and get some referrals!

Pack Snacks and Water

It is not a big surprise that wedding days can be quite long and tiring. You may eat only at dinner time. So a lunch box with water is a must. Give preference to food rich in protein to have enough energy for demonstrating numerous to take any photography for wedding. Among the best options are chocolate, peanuts, oranges and pretzels.

See, but Don’t Be Seen

Keep an eye on the groom at the time when the bride is coming down the aisle. In this way, you will be able to capture all sweet reactions of the man when he sees the bride for the first time. Remember to stay out of the way during the ceremony so that all guests could see the couple well.

Use AF Servo Mode Rule

It helps to keep the focus if the object is moving or if you press the shutter only halfway. It is a great setting for the wedding photography, as people keep on moving all the time. Al Focus mode will “concentrate” on fixed objects, but in case some object begins to move, it will turn into Al Servo mode, which will try to keep the moving object in focus while you are taking the picture.

Don’t Forget About Camera Cleaning Kit

Make sure a lens cleaning kit is always at hand for wedding day photography. This tool will help keep all significant parts of the camera clean. As a rule, it includes a lens brush, cleaner bottle, air blower, lens cleaning pen, lens cleaning cloths and cleaning sheets.

Bring a Ladder or Step Stool

Fearless photographers can do their work from different places and heights because some shots get perfect only when you are a bit higher. You do not need to risk; a not very high ladder or a simple stool with several steps will be enough.

Protect Yourself and Your Equipment

You may read about insurance in many wedding photography tips. It will be beneficial for you as a shooter. The wedding may be canceled due to weather or the lens may be damaged by some guests. Insurance will help cope with such situations and you will be able to work further.

Kids Can Be Gold

Allow small guests to do what they like doing. They are not ready to be serious even on such a responsible day. Let them yawn at the wedding ceremony or dance a lot. It is very significant especially if kids belong to the couple. Both the bride and groom will like such pics.