Photography tips

Build Up the Trust

Communication is very important when taking pictures in all genres and photography for weddings is not an exception as well. Your main task is to create trustful relationships so that the models feel comfortable. It’s recommended to start with simple pictures and go to more complicated shots as the shoot progresses. Remember about visual instructions. Don’t use complicated photographic phrases and explain the models everything in a simple, clear way. In this case, they will not feel confused but more confident about their own actions.

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Photograph Men

Shooting males differs greatly from taking pics of women. Men want to look cool, strong, tall and tough. Of course, a lot can be done with the proper lenses and the photography perspective. For instance, a larger focal length lens can make big noses look smaller. Remember two important things you should focus attention on when shooting men. These are the ‘V’ frame and jawline. The ‘V’ frame means broad shoulders and a small waist. As for the jawline, it should be angular and defined for maximum manliness. These can be moderated by taking positioning and camera angles into consideration.

Expect the Unexpected

Every couple is eager have a perfect wedding day. However, it something may go wrong. The best man may lose the ring for a moment, it may start raining suddenly or anything like that. Of course, the groom and the bride will be sad because of these unexpected things. However, exactly they create special memories.

Stay Close to the Bride

The wedding day goes by quickly so it is important not to waste even a minute. Most wedding photography tips will recommend you being close to the bride all the time. In this case, you will not miss any opportunity to capture genuine emotions which are so easy to forget. Such shots will be a great reminder.

Look for Smiles

These are some unique and unplanned moments. For example, laughter from the corner, children playing around or any other similar moments. You just need to be more attentive to capture these moments during the whole day. Believe me, the couple will surely like these shots.

Don’t Forget about Battery Grips

One of the most suitable variants can be Promaster grips. Though this item costs less than its equivalents, it has the same options and features.

Use Wireless Radio Triggers

What all wedding photography tips constantly tell you is to keep everything organized and highly efficient. If you start tinkering with your flashes or selecting settings you waste time and miss interesting wedding moments, so use technology like radio triggers for more efficiency.

Take Beautiful Group Shots

Every wedding guest would aspire to get a professional shot with the newlyweds, so most wedding photography tips relate to taking group shots. Work with a partner to organize people in groups and line them up. Don’t hesitate to take multiple shots of each group as spotting if someone blinked or made a weird face on the small camera screen is hard.

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Try to Get an Accurate Exposure

A large discussion is always revolving around wedding photography exposure tips because with as much white in the photo as the bride’s dress makes things get harder. If you choose the middle exposure value, the photo could look too dark, so that can be corrected by a minor positive compensation. It really has to be minor, though, because highlights are harder to restore than shadows when you start editing the image. My way is to peek at the screen to see how the exposure I’m setting looks like.

Arrange How to Handle “Uncle Bob

Talk with a couple about “Uncle Bob” beforehand. Maybe they will resolve this issue by making the ceremony camera- and cell phone-free. In this case, you will not face any unpleasant situations with “Uncle Bob” and will be able to take top-quality pictures without anybody’s interference.