Photography tips

Use the Wind

If the weather is windy, pose the people facing the wind and get great shots. For example, wind gusts may add great dynamics to the wedding dress. However, don’t forget to cover the camera from the wind while changing the lens. It will help protect it from dust.

Take a Break

If you see that things going on around you start getting on your nerves ‒ take a break. Of course, if you are continuously photographing a wedding for 8+ hours, you may become irritated and nervous.

Get on the Dance Floor

If you were hired to shoot a wedding, you are not only a service provider but also a full-fledged guest. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in all events of the reception and capture unique moments. For instance, you may get on the dance floor and become a part of the party.

Include Loved Ones in Interesting Ways

Mind that relatives and friends are also looking forward to seeing wedding shots. For example, if friends or relatives are present before the ceremony when the bride and the groom do the last preparations, you may incorporate them into the photos. Ask a bride’s sister or her friend to help put some jewelry or zip up the wedding dress. Speaking about the groom, you may ask the best man to fix the boutonniere, tie or put on the suit jacket. These are universal wedding photography tips that help get great shots.

Create a Wedding Photo Booth

A wedding photo booth is creative, original, and also funny. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to get pictures of the guests capturing genuine smiles and sincere feelings. The thing is that people are more relaxed when there is no photographer in front of them. By the way, a photo booth is a great attraction for everyone. You just leave it and the guests will use it as they want. To construct the booth, you may use some old equipment, like DSLR and a laptop.

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Use the Benefits of Golden Hour

Really fearless photographers manage to photograph the couple at the sunset. The colors and tones are superb. You will get very romantic and warm photos with the help of the natural light. Mind these tips for wedding photography if you want to take romantic couple shots.

Three Little Words

Ask the couple to describe their “Big Day” using only three words. Then, remember these words and try to reflect them in your photographs. For instance, if they mention “fun” ‒ try to capture the funny moments. In case the wedding is associated with romance, don’t miss the sweetest moments of the day.

Don’t Overdo with Grain & Noise

You know that together with raising the ISO, the noise level also rises. Sometimes you cannot avoid grainy photos, when, for example, you are shooting in the dark church. You can decrease the noise by adjusting the exposure of the camera, and it will be undoubtedly better than increasing the exposure during photo editing as you will get even more noise. Remember that sometimes it is better to have a noisy photo than a blurry one.

Take Sharp Group Shots

While making the group photos, think carefully about the selection of f-number. F/2.8 will not suit you, as every object in your photo has to be clear and sharp. The f-number will depend on how many people are in the photo, as well as how many layers are there. If you have a wide angle lens, you will need at least f/5.6 and preferably even more. Here the ISO will come to help you. Experiment with the light, ISO, shutter speed to achieve desirable group photos.

Promote Yourself

To achieve success in this sphere, you are to continuously advertise yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Moreover, don’t forget about wedding competitions. It is also a great chance to gain wider popularity. Submit the shots you are proud of to the magazine or sell them to the stock photography website. Mind that in order to publish or sell wedding shots of the newlyweds and the guests, you must ask them to fill out a model release form.