Photography tips

Fake a Backdrop Using Your Laptop

Image via Photography Juice Pressed for time to get some product pictures or maybe just not sure what to use as a background? No worries, just pull up an image of your choosing on your laptop and start snapping.

Use Wallpaper as a Backdrop

Image via MrsBeachBride A super simple way to get a great backdrop. Just find a wall with cool paper and start snapping!

Build Your Own Lightbox Using Poster Board

Image via Techradar So easy! Just tape a sheet of paper over a well-lit window and place your subject in front. There’s no hassle to get some quality product shots, so just be sure to adjust your Exposure Compensation accordingly.

Velcro and Foam Flash Booster

Image via TipsDIY This hack allows you to use foam and velcro to focus your flash to areas you directly want to highlight in your photos. It’s cheap and easy to make!

Use a Cigarette Pack as a Flash Diffuser

Image via Instructables If you have an empty box of cigarettes laying around (or if smoking isn’t your thing, any box around the same size) slip it over your flash and open the top for quick diffusion.

Create a DIY Flash Diffuser Using Airline Barf Bags

Image via Digital Photography School If you are the travelling type, you may have this trick laying around in your unpacked suitcases. Slip an airline barf bag (or any white bag) over your flash for an instant diffuser.

Create a Flash Bounce

Image via Instructables Just grab some cardboard and a cheap mirror, and you’ve got a super easy DIY bounce flash.

Create a Flash Grid

Image via Strobist This can be done easily with a piece of honeycomb cardboard and a rubber band. Look around any packages or boxes you’ve gotten recently, and you’ll probably be able to pull this hack off without spending any money.

Use Glow Sticks For Long Exposure

Image via JENerationDIY All you need for this hack is a few glow sticks, which you can usually pick up at any store for $1, a model, and a dark room!

Build a DIY Reflector Using PVC

Image via Flickr If you have extra PVC pipe, this is a cool hack to try. Attach your flash to the PVC pipe and watch as it bounces off the reflector to help diffuse the light.