Photography tips

Create a “Haze Effect” Using a Sandwich Bag

Image via Petapixel Create a simple hazy look for your photos using a plastic sandwich bag. Slide the bag around the edges of your camera lens, and you’ll achieve this effect easily.

Use a Flashlight to Add a Lens Flare

Image via Peter McKinnon By bouncing the light of a small flashlight off your lens, you’ll create an easy lens flare effect on your images. You can even try this with the flashlight on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra equipment.

Add a Film Burn Effect Using a Match

Image via Bored Panda This simple trick will create the illusion of film burn on your images. Just light a match and hold it in front of your lens while shooting.

Use a Smartphone to Create a Reflection Effect

Image via My Modern Met All you need for this hack is your smartphone! Place it at the base of your camera lens, and your images will have a reflection effect to create fantastical issues.

Use Cloth to Achieve a Soft-Focus Effect

Image via Artfido Another quick and easy way to create a soft focus, just wrap a piece of cloth around your lens to achieve the desired effect.

Multi Person Illusion

Image via 5-minute Crafts Create the illusion of multiple people using only one model by utilizing the panorama feature on an iPhone. Just start on one side, have your model run to the next spot once the shot has moved past them, and you’ll have a multiple person picture.

Window Blinds Effect

Image via List AKA This is an easy way to create a window blind effect if you don’t actually have window blinds. Just use a piece of paper, cut “blinds” into the piece, and hold it up to the light to create the desired effect.

Use Reading Glasses for Macro Photography

Image via GadgetHacks If you have a pair of reading glasses lying around, or you can buy a cheap pair at any store, you can use one of the lenses over your camera lens for instant macrophotography.

Create a Lens Filter Using Markers & Plastic

Image via Olivier Schmidt This crafty hack adds soft light and color to your shots easily. Just place the plastic over your lens, use a marker for your desired color, and start snapping those shots.

DIY Soft-Focus Filter With Pantyhose

Image via Giga Using pantyhose, black or nude colors are recommended, you can achieve a soft-focus filter by attaching the pantyhose to your lens with a rubber band.