Photography tips

Use a Wine Rack to Store Your Lenses

Image via Petapixel If you are looking to organize all of the lenses you have laying around, this hack is perfect for you. Any wine rack will work, and you can store multiple lenses on it.

Use a Beer Cozy to Protect Your Lenses

Image via Digital Photography School Need a quick and easy way to protect your lenses while travelling or doing a shoot? Slide them in a beer cozy, and they’ll be good to go.

Use a Magnifying Glass for Macro Photography

Image via Digital Photography School Thinking about trying macrophotography, but don’t have a lens for it yet? Try it out with a magnifying glass to get those up close shots. You can even leave the magnifying glass in the frame for a unique picture

Create a Lens Filter Using Colored Plastic Bags

Image via COOPH Place a few colored plastic bags around your lens for an easy hack to get the colored lens filter. This trick also adds a bit of a soft light effect around the photo’s edges!

Use a Plastic Bag to Achieve a Softbox Effect

Image via Bored Panda You probably have tons of plastic grocery bags lying around your house, so make use of them by trying out this quick hack. Tie a bag by it’s handles and simply hold it in front of your flash to achieve an easy soft-box effect.

Create a Bokeh Effect Using Battery Powered Lights

Image via SLR Lounge DIY this Bokeh effect by using battery powered string lights. The lights are lightweight and small enough to travel with you on shoots, plus their flexibility can give you endless possibilities for pictures.

Use Fishing Wire to Create a Lens Flare

Image via Expert Photography By attaching fishing wire to your lens, you’ll be able to create a lens flare in your photos. The lines won’t actually show up, and you’ll be able to see the effect created by the light hitting the wire and spreading out across the image.

Use Paracord to Make a Wrist Strap

Image via Digital Photography School If you’re not a big fan of camera straps, or need something a bit smaller, you can use paracord as a wrist strap. It’s durable and easy to attach!

Use Colored Beads for Bokeh Effect

Image via Get Fractals Pick up some cheap plastic beaded necklaces for your next shoot, and you’ll be able to capture their colored reflections in your picture to mimic a Bokeh effect.

Use Plexiglass to Capture Water Shots

Image via Petapixel By holding a big sheet of plexiglass in front of your camera, you can capture some intense water shots without worrying about damaging your equipment or obscuring the shot.