Photography tips

Build a Tripod Using a Hand Clamp

Image via Lifehacker This hack is quick and easy if you have the right tools to try it out. Just attach your camera with a screw to a hand clamp, and then use the hand clamp to position the camera wherever you’d like.

Make your Gorilla Pod Magnetic

Image via Petapixel This trick can make your already handy Gorillapod even more useful. Using magnets that fit inside the feet of your Gorillapod, carefully drill a hole and place the magnets inside. Although, it’s important to know this trick will void the warranty on your Gorillapod.

Make a Macro Photography Lighting Rig for Compact Cameras

Image via Wildlife Gadget Man This trick requires some handy work, but is definitely worth the effort. Using two LED desk lamps and following a few steps, you’ll have a lighting rig for your macro photography ready to go.

String Tripod

Image via Wix This trick helps eliminate camera shake and is way easier to work with if you don’t want to carry around a bulky tripod. Using a bolt, string, and a washer, you can DIY this rig in a matter of minutes. Just tie a long piece of string to the bolt on one end and the washer on the other, and attach the bolt to the bottom of your camera where you would typically screw in a tripod mount. Whenever you’re ready to start shooting, simply step on the washer and pull the camera up to create tension.

Try a black tile for your product photography

Image via Expert Photography Try using a black backdrop with a black tile underneath your product for a crisp image with an interesting reflection. It’ll add to any simple product picture without being too distracting.