Pubg mobile tips

Adjust Graphics Quality

Adjust the graphics quality according to your phone’s capabilities. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you feel like your game is lagging or dropping frames, you can lower it further, and vice-versa. A higher graphics quality setting will definitely make it easier to spot other enemies, but if your phone starts lagging or dropping frame, make the trade-off and opt for a higher frame-rate instead.

Select Third Person View or First Person View

Choose between third person view, and first person view. PUBG Mobile’s latest update has brought the ability for players to choose between first person view and third person view. Before you start the game, you can tap on the game mode button just below ‘Start’ and choose between ‘TPP’ (third person), or ‘FPP’ (first person).

Use flare guns wisely

Using a flare gun helps you to get an airdrop. But it has a lot of disadvantages. So, before you use it, prepare for a terrible outcome. For instance, once you send the signal, the enemies will notice it. When they do, they’ll rush towards the crate, and if you’re not ready to fire, you will lose it and die too. Another downside is that the crate might drop on a rooftop. When it happens like that, you’re saying goodbye to the crate. So, always plan the flare gun usage very well to avoid these challenges.

Enable Left Side Trigger Button

In PUBG setting there is an option to add a trigger button on the left-hand side. It is really handy when you are scooping or while knocking out an opponent on the go. To enable the feature, go to Settings>Basic> Display Left side fire button> Always on.

Enable Open Doors

It’s a tricky setting. Keeping it tuned on could help you dodge enemy group assault in close encounters. However, there’s also a possibility that you accidentally open a door at the wrong time. Still, I personally prefer to keep it turned on. Go To Settings> Basic> Auto open doors > Enable.

Make sure enabled aim assist is enabled

Unless you are a pro, you should keep Aim Assist turned on as it proves beneficial while aiming for a kill. To do so, go to Settings>Basic> Aim assist>Enable.

Check Server Ping or Change Server

The PUBG mobile is a game which is dependent on the internet and a lot depends on PUGB servers. So before you start gaming don’t forget to check sever ping. What is Server Ping in PUBG?

Well, its the response time from the server. It is basically time taken for bullets to fire from your phone after you push the trigger on your end. In the PUBG mobile game, Tencent is currently offering five servers to chose from. Each server has different ping times. Choose a server with the lowest ping says about 30ms or below. It is also worth mentioning here that if you are a statistics person you should stick to one server only. To choose, hit Select Mode right below the start button, look at the top left corner and choose your server.

Select Right Graphics Quality

It is also important to know the limits of your phone. The PUBG mobile is graphics intensive game so if you are using an affordable phone and graphics are set to HD or HDR and Frame Rates to High or Ultra you will notice a lot of lag or frame drops. Therefore, choose graphics setting accordingly. To do so go tap on Settings icon > Graphics. Also, you are advised to keep auto adjust graphics turned on, which automatically lowers the graphics setting in case of a performance drop.

Choose between Solo, Duo or Squad

As I mentioned before, in PUBG you can either play solo or team up with a friend for Duo match. In squad mode, up to four people can team up together. To choose your preferred mode go to  Select Mode> Team > select Solo, Duo or  Squad mode and hit Ok.

Adjust Screen for Notch in PUBG

Display Notches became a mainstream feature in 2018 and today they come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, recently Tencent has optimized PUGB for notch screens. For this, all you have to do is go to the settings menu>Graphics> Non-Standard Screen> Select Notched. Now, restart the PUBG game for the settings to take effect.