Pubg mobile tips

Choose between FPP vs TPP

It is somewhat a personal choice but it is important. Therefore, choose between Third Person View or First Person View as per your preference. To Change that go to Select Mode option and check top bar to choose between Third Person View (TPP) or First Person View (FPP) options.

Set-up PUBG Mobile game profile correctly

For those who are just about to start their PUBG journey, the following information could prove handy for setting up there PUGB profile:

  • A new user has to login to create a new profile. There are several ways to do that and you may use Google’s Play game, Facebook, Twitter, or Guest account. If you choose to connect with Facebook, or Twitter or Google Play you can sync your progress.
  • If you log-in using Social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, it will be easier to team up with your friends for Duo or Squad game.


Continuously watch the minimap on your screen as it is beneficial. By watching out for the Mini Map, you can find out about enemy footsteps, car movements, and the direction gunshot are exchanged. The Mini Map additionally gives updates related to safe-zone and timing.


Enabling this feature in your control settings will help you make the best use of the graphics. By activating this feature, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the game graphics, allowing you to view the best parts of the area easily.


PUBG Mobile is a game of brains, and you should know how to play it right. When you are hiding, and there is an enemy squad around looking for you, you can throw a smoke grenade in the opposite direction to create a distraction. This shall give you enough time to change your location and plan your next move.

Customize Button Placement

Looking to change the controls in PUBG? Well, yes you can do that. The game comes with multiple button layouts to choose still it is recommended that you adjust their placement as per your fingers. You can also resize buttons as per your needs. To change your button layout go to Settings>Controls> Customize, now make your adjustments and hit the save button on the top, then tap exit.


Among many other places, the bridge has always been the favorite spot for campers. Always stay alert for campers. If you see a building’s entry and exit doors open, there is a considerable chance that the building has already been looted or its camped. In the case of a bridge, always prefer using a boat because running over the bridge is never out of danger.


Changing the size and position of the controls on your device can help you play the game better. This will make it easier to access your screen, resulting in better gameplay. Personalizing your controls according to your comfort will help you gain the upper hand in the game.


There are usually times when the last circle is out in the open, and there is no place to hide. At such times you should avoid sitting in a car or sitting like a duck in the open. Look at the bushes around you and make use of them. The bushes in the PUBG Mobile can effectively hide a player. All you to do is lie down in a nearby bush and watch the enemies passing by without noticing you. You can easily fire them, leaving them wondering,’ from where did the shot come?’


Another pro tip is to never come to a standstill. Always stay on the move and keep running in zigzag with continually jumping around. This will make it hard for the enemies to aim and shoot. Also, if you run in a straight line, this will make your movement more predictable to the enemies, and they can easily take you down.