Pubg mobile tips

Notify your teammates about supplies

If you are playing PUBG mobile in Duos or Squad mode, healthy communication is necessary. You can let your teammates know about the 8X scope that you found but can’t really use as you have no supported guns. All you have to do it just point towards the item and then hit the text chat menu and then tap on the option “I have an 8X scope”. Similarly, you can alert your fellow teammates against a possible threat on the path by notifying using ‘enemies ahead’ message.

Keep your eye out for the flare gun

It’s a small red color pistol which Tencent introduced in version 8 of the PUBG mobile. You can’t really knock out other players with it, but you should pick it up as soon as you see it. You may ask why. Well, it is your gateway to hail a personal airdrop. If you’re inside the play zone, you get rare weapons like AWM or Groza, Gilly suit and more. If in case you use a flare gun outside the play zone your personal drop will bring an armored car for it. The car can withstand a lot of fire, however, it can be destroyed. A word of caution – the smoke from a flare gun is visible to your enemies and can give away your position.

Don’t jump out of the blue

Jumping from a tall building or a moving car could prove fatal. The taller the building, higher is the damage. Similarly, if you jump out the speeding car, your fall will be deadlier as compare to when you jump from a car that’s about to halt.

Pan your view using Eye button

Do you use ‘Eye’ button during the PUBG mobile game? If not then you should. The size of the button doesn’t really reflect its importance in the game. It is useful to pan around to check if someone is aiming at you from behind or from any side. The eye tool lets to pan 360 degrees while you are panting on the way to circle. It can be used for observing the battlefield from giving away your cover.

Scavenge loot with closed doors

As you search for weapons and armory, it is important that you wipe your footprints. The best way to do this is to close the doors behind as you get in or leave a building. Since each building has closed doors by default, an open gate suggest that either someone is inside the building or best loot items have been picked.

Engage with Teammates

PUGB mobile allows you to strategize and work in tandem with your teammate during duos and squad modes. The game comes with native voice chat which lets you communicate with your teammate and hunt as a team. The game will use your phone’s speaker and microphone. For best performance, we recommend connecting your phone with an earphone.

Explode enemies car

The cars can be used as covers but make sure there is a little gap as cars can burst when exposed to extended guns shots. At first, smoke will start coming out of the car engine, followed by a fire, and then your vehicle will explode. You can also eliminate enemies by hitting their cars until they explode. Use DMR and machine guns to cause more damage.

Use a vehicle to get in the zone

Not in the Zone? Well, instead of panting your way to the zone find a vehicle and make your life easier. You can easily spot a car or bike on the roadside but before you approach towards the vehicle, scan the nearby area to knock out an enemy who might be camping in the vicinity. Try and pick a covered body vehicle like a Jeep as it can act as a shield during an ambush. You can also knock out an opponent by running them over with your car.

Shoot only if you mean to kill

Don’t go berserk and spray bullets all over. Hitting a moving enemy at a long distance is a tough task. Therefore, only hit the trigger when your target is stable otherwise you will end up giving away your position instead of earning a kill. Use smoke for reviving teammates it will give you some cover. If you are sure that enemy is hiding in a particular building use frag grenade on that building and keep the burst timing of the grenade very short.

Armor upgrade expands inventory

Yes, you read that correctly. Changing your armor vest to a higher level will, apart from offering better protection, also bump up your inventory capacity by 50 points.