Pubg mobile tips

Change Quick Chat Messages

Quick Chat Messages is a very useful tool for players but if you wish to change or customize it according to your team’s playing style, you may do so by going to the Settings Menu then go to Quick Chat. In Quick Chat, you will be able to delete messages and input alternative messages.

Turn off Background Music

PUBG comes with a Mission Impossible Fallout background music. Though some players love the new background music, some find it distracting. Hence, if you are not a fan of Mission Impossible, you could turn it off by going to the Settings menu then go to Audio and disable BGM.

Do not Go in Gun Blazing

Play smart by not going on a killing spree especially when there are only two people left. Let them kill each other first then kill the last remaining player.

Shoot to Kill

No matter if you have spotted someone or they have spotted you, it is recommended that you only take the shot if you are 100 percent sure that a kill is guaranteed. If you shoot and miss, this will give away your position.

Play on the Edge

For those who have a 4x or 8x scope, it is highly suggested that you position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is near to the white. By doing this, you will have a complete view of the play zone.

Place where you will find good loot and has low risk

  • Minas Generales – southwest of San Martin

Turn on Auto-adjust Graphics

To turn on auto-adjust graphics, go to settings menu then go to graphics and turn on the auto-adjust graphics. This will make sure that you will have a consistent frame rate while you play. In other words, once your mobile phone starts to heat up, your phone will automatically adjust its graphics quality.

Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

To do this, go to the Settings menu, then to Controls then to Customize. Through this action, you will be able to position the controls according to your needs. You could put a certain button for a specific action.

Enable Auto-open Doors

Enable Auto open doors by going to settings and basic. This mode lets you get inside buildings quickly. However, note that you will still have to tap a button to close the door.

Enable the Left Side Fire Button

To enable the left side fire button, all you have to do is to go to Settings menu then go to Basic and click enable left side fire. This mode allows the players to shoot easily with the use of the left hand while your right hand is aiming.