Pubg mobile tips

The Beauty of PUBG Lies with Friends

The online gameplay of PUBG can be nice. But the real fun begins when you’re playing with friends. Either play with a friend or with a group of friends. The best way to do is to sit together with three friends and play. Not only does this make for a good time, it also increases your chances of winning. One player against 99 others is tough. But a squad of four, working together, helping and healing each other, increases your chances for the chicken dinner.

When In Squad, Communicate

If you’re not playing with your friends sitting next to you, it can be difficult to communicate. If you’re playing with other online players, it can be harder still. When you’re in a squad, the first thing you should do is establish clear communication. Enable voice chat if you have to. And make sure that everyone in the squad lands in the same place, shares their loot, helps in combat and heals each other.

When In Combat, Go Zigzag

Don’t run in a straight line when you’re under fire. This is a sure-shot way of being killed. Instead, run in a zigzag or haphazard pattern. It will take longer to get to cover but the chances of you being dead are much lower.

Change Graphics Quality

You can change the graphics performance based on your device. If PUBG is lagging on your older iPhone, reduce the graphics quality. If you’ve got the latest iPhone XS, take it to the max. The best graphics quality gives you an edge in the game as it makes it easier to spot other players. Go to Settings -> Graphics to change the performance.

Watch The Yellow Bar

Once you’ve got your basic health full, watch the yellow bar. The yellow bar allows you to fully heal, aim better and run faster. Drink an energy drink to fill the yellow bar.

Patience, Grasshopper

We’ve talked about this above but I’ll just like to reiterate here. Patience is the key and it’s the best PUBG tip that I can give you. Take things slowly and breathe a little. Even if you’re not a seasoned player, taking things slowly will have a wonderful effect on your game. But this doesn’t mean you stay still in one place.

Use Peek and Fire

Go to Settings -> Basic and turn on Peek & Fire. This feature lets you peek your head from around the cover. You can take shots without exposing your whole body. But you will end up exposing your head, so just be careful.

Get a Scope

Once you’ve got the right gun, chase the right attachment. It’s really important to have a nice scope. A 4x scope on your sniper will do wonders.

Play Smart

Don’t play hastily. Don’t rush into battle. Do it thoughtfully. Take your time. Make sure you have the right weapon selected and then go.

Find Your Weapon of Choice and Stick With It

When you’re playing to win, you’ll need dependable tools. After a couple of games, you’ll figure out which gun you’re most comfortable with. Every game, try to find the gun and once you do, stick with it. Even if it means dropping a more advanced weapon.