Pubg mobile tips

Parachute Right

The first couple of seconds of the game are really important. Where you land gives you a huge leg up. If you’re a beginner, stay away from high traffic areas. Anytime you see a big cluster of buildings, it’s best not to land there. Instead, go a bit farther and land in a smaller settlement. You’ll still find the essential loot and guns and it will be easier to fend off other players. Start with places like Gatka and Mylta.

Early on, Avoid the First Contact

Once you’ve landed, one of the first mistakes you can make is to engage in combat early on. If you’ve just landed and you hear someone else in the area, turn away and go in another direction. The chances of them carrying a weapon are much higher.

Keep an Eye Open For Other Players

When you’re exploring a new area, keep an eye open for tell-tale signs of activity. If you come to a building with doors open and the ammo is gone, someone has probably been there. They could be gone by now but you shout proceed slowly. And similarly, you should close the doors when you’re hiding out in a building, or after you’ve looted. This gives you an advantage and makes surprise kills easier.

Don’t Discount The Shotgun

At first glance, the shotgun might not seem like the best weapon. But for most close range combat, especially in the beginning, it really is. In the beginning you’re mostly raiding areas and chasing other players, this is where the shotgun shines.

Keep Changing The Armor

The armor in PUBG wears down as you engage in combat. So it’s best to keep switching it when the armor depletes. Even if you have to switch a higher level armor to a lower level one, it’s fine. Because the protection you get is going to be more.

If you too are lazy enough to not walk upto a attachment, the quick chat menu helps to identify it from a distance.

Sawed-off shotguns have the same properties as pistols.

If you find a sawed-off, grab it. It will go into your pistol slot and it is WAY better than a pistol. Helps if you don't have a very good close range weapon.

If you using korian version turn on vpn to japan everyday to collect 7 Donkatsu and a summer crate.

Don’t scratch your face with your thumbs.

This has honestly helped me out a ton because when I’m actually playing for a long time the oils from my face will make my phone screen too slick but if I touch my face it will not be with my thumbs because those are really all you use to play.I should probably put my phone down and go for a walk or something...

The car horn can be heard much further than the vehicle itself.

I can't count now how many times I've gotten kills because I heard the car horn. I never would have known they were there because I believe the range on vehicles is 100M, but the horn is much further. Use the horn sparingly because it can definitely draw unwanted attention