Top 10 Pubg mobile tips

Check Server Ping or Change Server

The PUBG mobile is a game which is dependent on the internet and a lot depends on PUGB servers. So before you start gaming don’t forget to check sever ping. What is Server Ping in PUBG?

Well, its the response time from the server. It is basically time taken for bullets to fire from your phone after you push the trigger on your end. In the PUBG mobile game, Tencent is currently offering five servers to chose from. Each server has different ping times. Choose a server with the lowest ping says about 30ms or below. It is also worth mentioning here that if you are a statistics person you should stick to one server only. To choose, hit Select Mode right below the start button, look at the top left corner and choose your server.

Make sure enabled aim assist is enabled

Unless you are a pro, you should keep Aim Assist turned on as it proves beneficial while aiming for a kill. To do so, go to Settings>Basic> Aim assist>Enable.

Enable Open Doors

It’s a tricky setting. Keeping it tuned on could help you dodge enemy group assault in close encounters. However, there’s also a possibility that you accidentally open a door at the wrong time. Still, I personally prefer to keep it turned on. Go To Settings> Basic> Auto open doors > Enable.

Enable Left Side Trigger Button

In PUBG setting there is an option to add a trigger button on the left-hand side. It is really handy when you are scooping or while knocking out an opponent on the go. To enable the feature, go to Settings>Basic> Display Left side fire button> Always on.

Customize Button Placement

Looking to change the controls in PUBG? Well, yes you can do that. The game comes with multiple button layouts to choose still it is recommended that you adjust their placement as per your fingers. You can also resize buttons as per your needs. To change your button layout go to Settings>Controls> Customize, now make your adjustments and hit the save button on the top, then tap exit.

Choose your Play Mode: Classic or Arcade

There are two play modes in PUBG – mobile Classic and Arcade. In classic mode, there are 100 players who compete with each other. The Arcade mode, on the other hand, offers War, Quick Match, Sniper Training and Mini-Zone options to select and play.

What is PUBG War?

In Arcade mode of the PUBG Mobile game, there’s War mode option. Under the War mode, it’s a 15-min respawning battle royal game where a team or individual has to score 100 points to win. They gain 3 points for each kill, 1 point for a knockout, 1 point for a revive. You play, die and respawn till one team gets “winner-winner chicken dinner”. In PUBG War mode, every player gets the same gun and the same kit.

What is Quick Match in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

This is an 8-minute match in a small area of the map, usually with a weapon theme, like shotguns or SMGs. The last man standing wins.

What is Sniper Training in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

A single head-shot kill in PUBG battle is exciting, right? Well, you can test your skills in Sniper training mode where you go on is a 15-minute play only with sniper weapons.

What is Mini-Zone in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

It’s a perfect mode for those who like an intense 4×4 battle. In this mode, the drop area is restricted on the map where 100 raring battle enthusiasts are air dropped. Rest of the playback is similar to Classic mode. It has been the most popular Arcade gaming mode and that’s precisely why the Mini-Zone is now restricted to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.

Download Maps or Change the Battlefield

By default, PUBG mobile comes with Erangel map. However, recently Tencent has added three new maps – Miramar, Snahok, and Vikendi to keep users engaged. You can download new maps by hitting Select Mode> Classic> Tap to download on selected map.

Double check your parachute before jumping...

Select Third Person View or First Person View

In the settings, you will be able to have a choice of choosing whether third person view or first person view. Thus, before you start playing the game, tap on the game mode button which could be found below start and choose the mode of your choice.

Always Close Doors

Doing so in PUBG Mobile can help you gain a lot of advantages. After gathering all the weapons you need, camp in a building and wait for a raid. Once your opponents see a closed-door they bust in like they’re the owners, take such opportunities to surprise them with your shots and ensure you kill them. Close the door after every attack and redo what you do best when the chance avails.