Top 10 Pubg mobile tips

Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

The game also allows its players to use their phone’s gyroscope to be used for aiming down sights. Through this trick, you will be able to move your phone to aim at your enemies instead of touching and dragging. To enable this setting, all you have to do is to go to Settings menu and go to Basic.

Do not Stay Still

Yes, just like in real life, if you stay still you will definitely become a sitting duck and most likely get killed. With numerous players and shooters in this game, it is wise to move around to avoid getting shot.

Turn off Background Music

PUBG comes with a Mission Impossible Fallout background music. Though some players love the new background music, some find it distracting. Hence, if you are not a fan of Mission Impossible, you could turn it off by going to the Settings menu then go to Audio and disable BGM.

Pick a Gun As Soon As You Spot it

As soon as touch the ground, look for a gun and pick it up, and only then should you look for a better option. Any gun is better than bear punches. Once you find a gun pick up a helmet, kevlar medic kit, and energy booster as soon as possible don’t rush to kill your enemy, first pack yourself with sufficient loot and don’t forget to carry grenades and smoke – they are very handy for the end circles. It is also worth mentioning here is that it is also necessary to organize your bag by dropping attachments of previous guns and upgrading bag, and vest and helmet as and when you find a better one in the game.

Replace Damaged Vest and Helmet

If you have taken some hits and have managed to survive, you probably have your vest or helmet to thank for it. During the game, you can see the vest and helmet damage. Keeping a damaged vest or helmet lowers your defense and could prove fatal. Therefore, you should keep an eye for them and swap your damaged vest or helmet as soon as possible.

When In Squad, Communicate

If you’re not playing with your friends sitting next to you, it can be difficult to communicate. If you’re playing with other online players, it can be harder still. When you’re in a squad, the first thing you should do is establish clear communication. Enable voice chat if you have to. And make sure that everyone in the squad lands in the same place, shares their loot, helps in combat and heals each other.

Keep Changing The Armor

The armor in PUBG wears down as you engage in combat. So it’s best to keep switching it when the armor depletes. Even if you have to switch a higher level armor to a lower level one, it’s fine. Because the protection you get is going to be more.

Keep Moving

You should keep moving while playing the PUBG mobile. It means that don’t stick around one point or location. By sticking on one point, you will offer a clear and perfect headshot. There are a lot of snipers who are searching for an opportunity to headshot. So, keep moving is better for you to get good covers.

Change Graphics Quality

You can change the graphics performance based on your device. If PUBG is lagging on your older iPhone, reduce the graphics quality. If you’ve got the latest iPhone XS, take it to the max. The best graphics quality gives you an edge in the game as it makes it easier to spot other players. Go to Settings -> Graphics to change the performance.

Check if Aim Assist is On

For easier aim, check if your aim assist mode is turned on. Aim assist is usually required for those who have a touchscreen phone and uses a touchscreen to aim accurately like you are using a mouse to aim.