Sewing tips

Use Clear Nail Polish To Protect The Thread

After sewing buttons on, cover them with a coat of clear nail polish to keep the thread from unraveling and to hold the button in place longer. What a smart hand sewing tip! Related Post: 21 Clever Uses For Nail Polish (Not On Nails)

Sew with Your Finger as a Stitch Guide!

Make marks to measure on your finger when you are sewing embroidery stitches. Your finger becomes your pattern! You will be able to sew faster and have no marks on your fabric using this trick.

Create Sewing Gathers Faster with the “Cheating” Method

Create gathers in fabric using the cheating method (aka the corded zig-zag method). Simply sew a large zig-zag stitch over a piece of yarn, and use the yarn to gather the fabric before using a straight stitch to sew the gathers in place.

Make A Needle Sharpening Pincushion

Fill a pincushion with steel wool to make your own needle-sharpening pincushion. This will make using a needle and pushing it through the fabric so much easier! Related Post: 16 Incredibly Cool Things To Do With Washi Tape