Sewing tips

Use Thimble For Your Hand Sewing

Many believe that wearing a thimble  is awkward and uncomfortable, but wearing one is a must. It helps one’s finger from pushing the needle and helps avoid needle prick injury. Learn how to use a thimble, here. Click the play button here to watch this smart hand sewing tips by Melissa Esplin. These great pieces of information help you do your work better and easy, and helps you make the most out of your hand sewing projects. You may want to try all these sewing tips, you wouldn’t know how great you could possibly become!  So which one did you find amusing? Hope you had so much fun learning today! Want to learn some sewing tutorials Click here.

Sew super straight seams by paying attention to the markings on your sewing machine.

So, this took me embarrassingly long to figure out and all of the pros will probably laugh at me... but here we go. Maybe some other beginner will profit from it. I used to just eyeball the distance between needle and the end of the fabric and thus often ended up with crooked seams. Until I realized that there are friggin' markings for this!!! (This is what I'm talking about)Ever since using these to guide the fabric, my sewing looks so much better.

Clean the lint out of your machine often. It can affect stitch quality and machine noise.

Just a reminder to clean out the bottom portion of your machine frequently with a brush (compressed air can push the dust deeper)! Lots of lint around the bobbin area can cause skipped stitches and poor stitch quality. It also can make your machine louder. I try to clean mine out every 8 working hours or sooner if I notice issues.

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