Sewing tips

Hobby lobby is currently selling simplicity patterns for $1 each. Over the course of the weekend my husband and I saved $760 in patterns. If anyone needs some new ones, today would be a good day to get them :)

Sewing a cape help.

Hi threaddit!This is my first time posting here, and I am fairly new to sewing (I've been hand-sewing plushies and small cosplay stuff for 2-3 years), but I recently got my first sewing machine (Jacome mini), so I can finally do something bigger!I'm greatly interested in making a cape for a cosplay, but I am unsure how exactly to measure myself to have the cape look good quality while also not looking like I'm swimming in fabric. I have a reference, but it doesn't really give a good impression on how much fabric I need or how long I should make it. Also, after measurements, how should I go about making/ buying a pattern or should I draw it out with chalk?link to cape idea Thank you in advance :)

Save When Cleaning Your Machine

Canned air is a wonderful thing and can really help you to get that sewing machine cleaned out and remove all the dusts and fabric or thread particles. Of course, canned air isn’t free – which is odd since it’s air, right? You can however, avoid the cost of canned air and simply use a bicycle pump to clean out your machine. These cost around $5 and can be used continuously, so there’s no worry of running out or spending extra money to buy more air.

Use A Pegboard

Here’s another great organization tip – a pegboard. You know that you have to be organized in order to save time on your sewing projects. Organization is the number one hack of any DIY project, after all. A pegboard in the sewing room gives you loads of space for organizing sewing essentials and keeping them where you can easily find them. Plus, pegboards are really inexpensive and you can customize your storage however you need it. Source and more info: sewcaroline

Neatly Store Buttons

Save additional time by keeping your buttons neatly stored, so you can always find the ones you need. A simple wire run across a section of the wall and some small plastic bags are perfect for keeping buttons organized. The bags make it easy to find the buttons you need, and you can hang them across the wire with mini clips. Source and more info: mellysews

Keep Thread Organized

Saving time during any project is a must for me. I love this thread organizer that you can make from an old picture frame and some dowel rods. This keeps all your thread together, and ensures that you can always find the color that you need. You could create another one that holds your bobbins as well, and hang them in your sewing room as art. Source and more info: greylustergirl

Easily Store Extra Fabric

If you’re an avid sewer, then you probably have a lot of fabrics in store for future projects. An easy way to keep these organized is to put them in a file cabinet. File them as if you would papers by lining them up across file separators. This way you can instantly see which fabrics you need and save time looking for them. Plus, this organization helps to keep fabrics from wrinkling. Source and more info: thinkingcloset

Add Measuring To Your Cutting Table

If you’ve ever visited a sewing shop, you have likely seen their cutting table for fabric, which comes complete with a measuring guide on the side. You can easily recreate this by simply attaching a measuring tape to one side of your cutting table. This ensures that you cut the perfect amount of fabric every time. Source and more info: mellysews