Social tips

If you find a legendary that you don’t need, send it to another player via the mail in game.

After reaching endgame, it’s quite common for Vault Hunters to get weapons that outclass their previous ones. BL3 has a great feature where you can send gifts to other players, including Skins, Heads, Guns, Class Mods, Relics, and anything else you can equip! Don’t just sell them, give them to friends :)

If you are uncomfortable looking people in their eyes or you meet someone who is "crosseyed" simply focus on the tip of their nose. Focusing on someone's nose gives the illusion you are looking them directly in their eyes.

Take a picture of your filled out and signed receipt including the tip line. It will prevent dishonest servers/bartenders from editing your tip and effectively changing your bill.

And also, if you pay in card and tip in cash, write "cash" on the tip line.

If you search "the bald guy" on youtube you will instantly find Seth Everman

Don't create your username when you're depressed

Don't be a psuedo turbo virgin.

I was playing phasmophobia when a dude literally asked a girl if she could ship him gamer girl piss, so yeah don't be weird, be yourself and certainly don't act like Gandalf's inbred grandchild that's missing a chromosome just becuase your behind a screen

Don’t challenge the sun.

So uh July 4th I only sprayed myself once and didn’t even put face cream on for sunblock (I’m white af ima piece of paper) and surprise surprise I got burnt bad. I’m lucky it’s summer and I don’t have to go see my friends they would make so much fun of me.. anyway it hurts to move my neck torso or arms in any kind of way so I’m actually just suffering right now alright remember to use sunblock and also I look like a tomato it’s BAD

Here's an actual Life Pro Tip for you to use for phone scammers! 1.They usually talk first, so wait after you pick up. 2 DO NOT SAY YES OR NO TO ANYTHING. Here in australia around Tax time, scammers use your voice saying "Yes" and or "No" to social engineer other companies you're with!

If someone offers to pick up the tab, instead of arguing with them about it, offer to cover the tip.

Them: "I'll take care of this." You: "Oh, that's very generous of you, thank you. How about I cover the tip?"Taking this approach allows you to avoid the awkward "No, I insist" back-and-forth. It takes a little of the expense off the payer but still allows them to make a generous gesture.

Don't microwave marshmallows