Solotravel tips

Leaving Belize City / Transportation

It’s safe to say you’ll be going through the Philip Goldson International Airport (i.e., Belize City airport), either as your final point of destination or to catch your connecting transportation. I suggest not staying in Belize City and, instead, going to one of the many other destinations Belize has to offer. Like any other city, Belize City can have some theft or pickpocketing.  Yet, considering Belize takes pride in its natural habitats and works hard to protect them, why not go to enjoy the natural wonders? Belize offers many different types of local transportation:  taxis, car rentals, golf cart rentals, shuttle or bus services, and it even has its own airlines. There are no ride-sharing services as of yet in Belize. If you are going more than a couple hour’s drive, I recommend saving time and taking a flight on either Maya Island Air or Tropic Air.  The prices on these airlines is very affordable, especially if you book in well in advance.  I do recommend making reservations, especially if you’re there during the high season. If flying on one of the Belizean airlines, don’t be surprised if your baggage leaves before you do.  Don’t worry – it will get to your destination.  Just go with it.  You have to just hang loose in Belize.  I’m not saying things are disorganized by any means – you’re just working on “Belize time”. Be prepared to have to check any bottles you purchased at duty-free on the plane instead of bringing them carry-on.  They will get tagged just like other luggage. All of your items will be at your local airport when you arrive. I had to get my luggage outside at the Placencia Airport but pick up my duty-free bottles inside the Placencia Airport at the counter. Don’t lose your baggage stubs! Even though things are laid back in Belize, they will check them when you pick up your personal items. If your hotel or taxi service is not already there waiting for you, don’t worry.  Some airports have free Wi-Fi so you can arrange transportation.  At least Placencia Airport does. If not, they will offer to call transportation for you if you don’t already go with a taxi waiting outside for passengers. Everyone is very friendly and helpful in Belize.

Luggage Pick Up / Duty-Free

Once your passport’s stamped (I love that moment), you can get your luggage at the carousel, which is directly in front of you – no joke – or go to duty-free. I recommend packing for carry-on only unless you have large sporting equipment you must check on, such as scuba or fishing equipment.  Otherwise, I don’t see lounging on the beach, snorkeling or going for hikes requiring a lot of clothing or personal items. I brought my own snorkel equipment and dive essentials, less the fins, and still managed two carry-on bags.  It’s not so much dealing with customs and baggage pick up going out of the U.S., it’s the coming back to the U.S. I find very time consuming.  Still, if you check luggage, expect to get it quickly from the carousel. Across from the baggage carousel, to your left, are the two duty-free shops – can’t miss them.  I had read in advance the store at the farthest end had the best prices, and if you mention “San Pedro Scoop” sent you, you get a 15% discount. Prices are in US dollars.  Alcohol is expensive in Belize so if you want to save money, stock up at duty-free. You may wish to consult how much you can bring into Belize before you fly. Time saving tip after you have your luggage:  if the “Nothing to Declare” line is a lot longer than the “Customs With Duty-Free” line – like it was when I was there – and you can’t afford the wait or just don’t like to stand in lines, spend $10 USD at the duty-free.  You get to go through the shorter “Customs With Duty-Free” line.  This trick easily saved me almost an hour standing in line.  Heck, I was buying wine anyway.

Arriving in Belize City

When flying to Belize you’re more than likely to go through the Philip Goldson International Airport (i.e., Belize City Airport), either as your final point of destination or to catch your connecting, local flight. Being a small airport (think Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California), Belize City is a breeze to navigate:

  • The plane taxis right up to the airport building, basically.  You can disembark from the front and back of the plane, directly onto the tarmac. Yep, just like Burbank.
  • Then airport staff line you up in a single line outside against the wall where you meander through until you get to the passport collection window. Don’t worry, lines move quickly. I went during Easter weekend (a very popular time of year) and it took about 25 minutes from the airplane to getting my passport stamped – no issues.  Yeah!  Another stamp in the passport- such a good feeling.


Avoid fast food if you don’t like dining alone. Go to a café or a bar where the atmosphere is more laid back and chilled, making it easier for you to meet new people.

Taking pictures

Don’t always want to ask others to take pictures? Get a GoPro. You can capture a LOT in one frame and GoPro photos are 200% cooler than photos taken from a normal camera. See why GoPro is the ultimate camera for travel photography.

Don’t be shy

Ask people questions or just ask them to take a picture of yours. You can learn a lot about the place from locals, things like you can’t even find on the internet.

Stay connected

Download Skype/Viber/WhatsApp etc. to stay in touch with friends and family. Very useful when you feel lonely and just want to talk with someone you know.

It is Incredibly Easy to get to Disneyland Paris

It is incredibly easy to get to Disneyland Paris no matter where in Paris you’re staying. There is a metro station at the entrance of Disneyland Paris, and trains run continuously throughout the day. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get from central Paris to Disneyland Paris. You need to take the RER A train. Once you get on the RER A, you ride it all the way to the last stop: Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy. You will be steps from Disneyland Paris once you get off the train. If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris from somewhere else in France, there is a TGV station at Marne-la-Vallée. You can take a train directly to Marne-la-Vallée if it is available, or you can take a train to central Paris and take the metro to Disneyland Paris. I have an entire post dedicated to helping you navigate the Paris Metro system. Be sure to check it out before you arrive in Paris! You can even get from some international destinations to Disneyland Paris quite easily. There is a Eurostar train from Brussels to central Paris, and you would just have to take the metro to Disneyland Paris. There is even a direct Eurostar train from London to Disneyland Paris! It is impressive how easy they’ve made it to get to Disneyland Paris. It is definitely one of the selling features of going to Disneyland Paris. You can easily visit Disneyland Paris as a day trip from Paris without spending too much time getting to and from the parks.

Group tours

Sign up for group tours to meet other people. You might find people with something in common.. and believe me that’s all you need to break the ice.

Useful information

Always keep useful information such as address, phone number etc. of the place where you’re staying at just in case you ever forget. Store this information on your phone or on a piece of paper and always carry it with yourself so you don’t have any problem asking your way around.