Student nurse tips

Lippincott NursingCenter -

The Lippincott NursingCenter blog is a well-respected resource and thought leader in the health care space. Created by nurses, for nurses, the blog delves into topics arising from Lippincott’s 60+ nursing journals including American Journal of Nursing and The Nurse Practitioner. Featuring topics such as patient safety, evidence-based practice, technology, leadership, and continuing education, the NursingCenter is the place to go to read about cutting-edge nursing developments.

ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog -

The Advances in Nursing Science blog discusses and dissects the ideas and issues raised by Advances in Nursing Science journal (editor: Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, FAAN), a publication founded in 1978 that is dedicated to advancing the development of nursing knowledge and promoting the integration of nursing theory with nursing practice. Articles here deal with big ideas like confronting institutionalized racism and discrimination, exploring new nursing philosophies, and predicting the future of the nursing profession.

AJN Off the Charts -

Off the Charts is the official blog of the American Journal of Nursing, which has been the leading voice of nursing since 1990. The blog touches on a wide range of topics including recent research findings from the AJN, news and developments related to public health and technology, ethical issues, and personal stories from nurses and patients. Their detailed article A Detailed Look for New Nurses at What Happens During a Code is a must-read for all new nurses.

Straight A Nursing Student -

All nurses have to find a way to survive nursing school, and Straight A Nursing Student is here to help. In addition to offering free study guides and a boot camp, Straight A Nursing Student Maureen “Nurse Mo” Osuna (BSN, RN) runs a podcast that touches on a variety of topics from managing intracranial pressure to knowing when to intubate your patient. Whether you’re a nursing student or a working RN, you’re sure to learn something.

FreshRN -

FreshRN is another great resource for nursing students and new nurses. Its top posts include tips for new grad emergency department nurses, such as when to take the NCLEX exam after graduation and how to detect subtle neuro changes in patients. The website also features a podcast, continuing education courses, and must-read books for nurses.

Reality RN -

Reality RN is a community for new nurses, and as such it has some great articles geared toward those nurses who are just embarking upon their careers. Popular topics have to do with handling stress, interacting with patients, nursing theories, interview tips, and much more. It also has a job board and community-driven discussion threads.

The Bossy Nurse -

Nurses know that taking care of others all the time can make it difficult to take care of yourself. That’s the challenge that lifestyle design strategist Marsha Battee (RN, SANE-A), a.k.a. “The Bossy Nurse”, helps nurses to overcome through her blog and podcast. Topics like “Self-care Tips for Nurses,” “How to Say No,” and “Decluttering Tips to Keep You Productive” help busy nurses create healthy lifestyles. Marsha’s favorite topics to write and speak about include nursing, blogging, entrepreneurship, self-care, travel, and lifestyle design.

Dear Nurses -

The graphical elements on Dear Nurses are what really set this blog apart from many others. Most blog entries begin with “Dear nurses” and contain a useful graphic explanation, for example, what to do if your patient is having chest pain or which brain areas are involved in the ventricular system. With archives stretching back to 2006, there’s a lot of helpful information here to digest!

Nurse Nacole -

Nurse Nacole, the blog of Nacole Riccobani (MSN, APRN), is designed to help prospective, new, and experienced nurses become the best version of themselves. Her tips of the day and YouTube vlog are great sources of easily digestible and informative tidbits. Nacole also runs an Etsy shop featuring nursing school apparel and other items.

Healthy Workforce Institute -

The Healthy Workforce Institute is on a mission: to eradicate nurse bullying and incivility. Founder Dr. Renee Thompson (DNP, RN, CMSRN, CSP) is a leading authority on creating a healthy work environment by establishing a Healthy Unit Plan to uproot disruptive behaviors that impact patient care and nurses’ mental health. The blog has some great insights on how to identify and prevent bullying behavior, deal with stress, and become more resilient.