Student nurse tips

Make Sure to Document

You’re going to want to skip your documentation. If not you’re going to want to breeze through it and move on. I get it. But you need to resist the urge. Remember what they said in nursing school if it’s not charted it didn’t happen. Make sure to give yourself credit for doing what you did.


It’s ok to cry. It really is. Probably not in front of your patients, though. You’re going to be overwhelmed and some days are going to suck. You know what? You’re going to make it through, and you’re going to be a successful med surg nurse. Take it one day at a time and remember to stop every now and down and take a deep breath.

Nursing Times -

Since its launch as a magazine in 1905, Nursing Times has been supporting nurses by keeping them up to date with news related to health care policy and practice. It has now grown into the largest nursing website outside of the U.S., with an archive of over 5,000 clinical articles in addition to news and opinion articles. Their opinion section is a great place to go for diverse perspectives on developments affecting nurses today.

The Nerdy Nurse -

Brittney Wilson (BSN, RN) is an informatics nurse, author, speaker, and creator of Blending content about technology, health care, social media, personal branding, and lifestyle, The Nerdy Nurse covers a breadth of topics wider than many other similar nursing blogs.

Nurse Code -

Nurse Code is the blog of Beth Hawkes (MSN, RN-BC), a staff development professional specialist who works with nurses in acute care and is also a writer, speaker, and career advice columnist. Through her blog, she aims to empower nurses to thrive in their careers. Popular articles here deal with topics like overcoming workplace challenges, landing your first nursing job, and interview prep tips, among others. Her “Ask Nurse Beth” column at offering career advice is also worth a read.

RegisteredNurseRN -

The blog at has a wealth of information about surviving nursing school, writing the NCLEX exam, perfecting everyday nursing skills, and much more. It also features common nursing questions, tips, videos, quizzes, a job board, and an online store. Whether you’re a new, seasoned, or soon-to-be nurse, this website is a great one to bookmark. Be sure to check out their regularly updated Facebook page as well.

Nurse Gail -

Nurse Gail is more of a platform for nurses to share the latest evidence-based health information than a traditional blog. While it started as the blog of Gail Ingram (MS, PC-AGNP), Nurse Gail quickly became a trusted source for health and wellness information and transformed into a collaborative resource. Today the nurses that write for Nurse Gail share their expertise and perspectives on a variety of topics ranging from medicine to parenting to food and to fitness.

Digital Doorway -

Keith Carlson (BSN, RN, NC-BS), who runs the Digital Doorway blog, is a holistic career coach for nurses and health care professionals. He also runs a weekly podcast at As a career coach, Nurse Keith’s blog posts on Digital Doorway focus a lot on growing your nursing career, establishing a healthy work environment, maintaining work-life balance, setting career goals, and other topics related to becoming an empowered and holistically fulfilled nurse.

Diversity Nursing -

Diversity Nursing features a blog, job board, forums, podcasts, and more. Its aim is to address the growing demand for nurses across the country by connecting registered nurses with employers while increasing diversity in both the employee and student nurse populations. The Diversity Nursing blog is a great resource for news and insights related to the nursing community, with a particular focus on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

Confident Voices in Healthcare -

Confident Voices in Healthcare is an excellent resource for nurses who are passionate about compassionate care. The blog is published by Beth Boynton (RN, MS) who is an international speaker and the author of several books about using medical improv to improve soft skills like emotional intelligence and listening. Beth describes Confident Voices in Healthcare as “a professional blog that focuses on making health care safer and more compassionate for everyone.” Here you can read about issues that affect nurses in the workplace, such as bullying, patient complaints, nurse overload, communication dynamics, and more. We recommend starting with her blog post, “Nurse Overload: The Risk to Employee and Patient.”