Top 10 Student nurse tips

Understand Travel Nursing Pay Packages Before You Start Your Search

For example, you must understand travel nursing pay packages before you start your job search process. Doing so will allow you to accurately calculate the total value of a pay package and compare pay packages. Perhaps most importantly, it will help you understand all the details you need to obtain about pay packages. Moreover, it instills the perception that you know what you’re doing. That said, we understand that travel nursing pay packages are complicated. However, we are 100% certain that every nurse, therapist and tech are capable of fully understanding the pay packages. healthcare professionals are an intelligent lot. Moreover, there are tons of resources available now. We’ll link to many of them throughout this article, starting with these resources:

  • How to Evaluate Travel Nursing Pay Video
  • Sample Breakdown of a Travel Nursing Pay Package
  • 3 Pitfalls When Discussing Travel Nursing Pay and How to Avoid Them If you invest the 1 to 2 hours it will take you to fully understand pay, then you can negotiate THOUSANDS more dollars in the long-run. It’s worth it!

Leverage Social Proof when Negotiating as a Travel Nurse

In the book Negotiation Genius, Harvard Professors Deeepak Malhotra and Max Bazerman discuss ways that negotiators can generate “social proof” in order to increase their negotiating power. The idea is that things increase in value when people perceive that other people are interested in them. How can travel nurses benefit from this? Let your recruiters know you’re working with multiple companies. And keep them posted with the progress. The great news is that this is what you should be doing as a matter of professional courtesy anyway. But remember, treat your recruiters with respect so you can maintain their confidence and ensure they work hard for you.

Pick up on Professor Cues

When we asked our Facebook community about how to take notes in nursing school, we heard about how lectures often align with tests – and how you can pick up on those important cues from your instructor. If your professor tells you something is important, take note. “Write down everything that was mentioned more than once by the instructor,” said Krisinda F. “It will be on the exam.”

Digital Doorway -

Keith Carlson (BSN, RN, NC-BS), who runs the Digital Doorway blog, is a holistic career coach for nurses and health care professionals. He also runs a weekly podcast at As a career coach, Nurse Keith’s blog posts on Digital Doorway focus a lot on growing your nursing career, establishing a healthy work environment, maintaining work-life balance, setting career goals, and other topics related to becoming an empowered and holistically fulfilled nurse.

Talk to Your Loved Ones About the Strain Nursing School Puts on You

When you first start attending nursing school, your loved ones might not be prepared for the strain it will put on you and your time. You should sit down with your parents and let them know that you’re going to need to spend a lot of hours studying in the months to come. You should also sit down with your boyfriend or girlfriend and let them know you won’t be able to go on as many dates as usual or even hang out like you always do. Your time is going to be very valuable when you’re in nursing school. You should make it a point to fill them in on how your life will change as you strive to become a nurse.

Engage students

In the classroom, inattention is easy to spot; online, it's more difficult. To help engage students, show your passion for the topic—and for nursing. Learn your students' names, be friendly, and, if your online learning management system offers this functionality, chat with them before class starts. Use interactive questions throughout the online lecture to promote involvement. Online instructors can foster helping-trusting-caring relationships and address individual learning needs. Take time to interact with students and address their different learning styles in your presentation. Don't forget that cultural competency is important in all learning environments. The online environment may make it difficult to be aware of cultural clues, so using sensitive and inclusive language is a must.

Be Your Own Advocate

You have to be your own advocate. If you don’t look out for yourself and take care of yourself, nobody else will. Look out for your best interest. And lastly…

Ask Yourself the Important Questions

While preparing for tests is important, what really matters is to understand how you will use the information once you’re working as a registered nurse. Put the concepts in the framework of the nursing process, says Angela Beck RN, MSN-Ed, a CAS Manager on Chamberlain’s Las Vegas campus. “Keeping these processes in mind while reading chapters is a way to actively read and study,” she said. “This will help you establish concrete memories of the standards for patient care and critically think about the concepts being taught.”

Ask for a Sample Travel Nursing Contract in Advance

Next, you should request a sample travel nursing contract in advance. As I mentioned above, travel nursing contracts include many different clauses. Moreover, different agencies use different contracts and clauses. It’s extremely rare for a recruiter to cover every clause with you during the course of your normal conversations with them. Therefore, you can get totally thrown off guard when you receive a contract from a travel nursing agency that you’ve never worked with. Your travel nursing recruiter may tell you that travel nursing contracts vary from hospital to hospital. There is some truth to that. However, you can still ask for a general example so that you can review and ask questions before you receive an offer.


It’s ok to cry. It really is. Probably not in front of your patients, though. You’re going to be overwhelmed and some days are going to suck. You know what? You’re going to make it through, and you’re going to be a successful med surg nurse. Take it one day at a time and remember to stop every now and down and take a deep breath.