Survival tips

Open A Can With Your Hands

It may sound unbelievable and it’s fine if you’re hesitant at first. Did you know that you can open canned goods with your bare hands? This may come in handy in the event that you lose all your tools, you know. Better learn it while you can.

Street Survival Skills: Surviving The Urban Jungle

You might think you don’t need any of the urban survival hacks that preppers keep blabbing about because you live in the city. However, you will need street survival skills to keep you and your family safe in the event of an emergency.

10 Poncho Survival Hacks

Do you know that you can use your poncho to increase your chances of survival? It’s actually more than something that protects you from the rain. Check out the 10 clever survival hacks using a poncho! Grab an assortment of ponchos here.

Drought Survival: 7 Tips To Survive Natural Disasters

Never underestimate how devastating a drought can be for everyone? It’s a serious matter that everyone in the prepper community should be aware of. This is why this list of tips for drought survival will help you learn how to survive natural disasters.

Top 5 Survival Skills

Have you gone through your survival skills lately? How do you find water, get food, and build your own temporary shelter? This video will show you the top 5 survival skills you need to get through SHTF situations.

Making Simple Tools From Flint

What if you lost all the tools you’ve prepared before SHTF? This video will show you that making simple tools from flint can be the only way to make things you need for survival. What if you don’t have flint? Grab this firestarting kit here.

13 Top Survival Skills | Learn Now, Survive Later

Are you survivalist newbie? No worries! Everything starts with the basics and no one becomes an expert overnight. This survival skills infographic will show you 13 essential skills to build a foundation on what you need to learn now.

The 3 Essential Survival Skills You Didn’t Know You Needed

How can you tell if you’re facing someone who is very good at deceiving? Do you know Jason Hansen? If not then you’ll know him by learning these videos on essential survival skills you didn’t know you needed.

Surviving Without Supplies

Outdoor living has become way too comfortable because of what modern technology has to offer. However, it is still vital to learn primitive survival skills to have a thorough knowledge of living in the wild.

2 Long Lost Native American Survival Skills

The Native Americans are the best example when it comes to survival. These long-lost Native American survival skills have proven there worth over the centuries. Just when you thought you knew it all!