Top 10 Survival tips

Disinfect your bandages

If you bleed in the current DayZ version, it will heal by itself after 5 minutes. But you shouldn’t wait for that. Joining them with bandages/scraps of fabric or sewing them up with a sewing kit is also not good: You should only use them once you have cleaned them with alcohol or disinfectant.

  • Read more: DayZ Wound Infection Treat, Heal & Prevent Them – How it Works Otherwise, you can expect gangrene, which slowly but surely pulls you to the side of the undead. Healing this only requires basic medication and equipment:
  • Stage 1 wound infection: rub iodine or rubbing alcohol on the wound
  • Stage 2 wound infection: take tetracycline tablets every 4 minutes, 4 times.

Player hitboxes

The hit zones or hitboxes of the player characters have been adjusted. The torso is now larger and arms and legs are correspondingly smaller. This makes body armor more effective on paper, but in return, it no longer protects arms and legs from DayZ 1.13. Hitting the thorax also causes more shock damage than before, but usually ensures the wearer’s survival. Leg hits will no longer cause additional shock should the legs break.

Do You Know 25 of these Native American Survival Skills?

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors got through the harshest elements? We all know how difficult things can be even with today’s modern amenities. Well, here are some of Native American survival skills you can start learning. These skills also show how interesting our ancestors’ way of survival was too!

Consider a guitar case as your choice of survival bag.

This is a rather unusual but very useful alternative to the typical bug out pack. The shape of the bag will allow you to store an unbelievable large amount of things. Plus, it’s very inconspicuous, especially when a hiker’s or camper’s backpack is often the easiest way to spot a person who isn’t from around the area, which can have its disadvantages. It’s a good way to pack lots of stuff without sticking out in public. We put together a guide for what to include in a bug out bag. Check it out

This is the best sniper

The Blaze 95 is currently the best weapon when it comes to taking down players safely at long distances. It has the ability to fire both bullets at once. They land in the same place at all distances, just a few millimeters apart. If you hit a player with it, he is very likely gone.

Survival Shelter Tutorial from the California Survival School

Do you know what to do when SHTF and you don’t have a bugout cabin ready? This is one of the wilderness survival hacks you should have in your sleeve: how to build a survival shelter from the California survival school.

Filtering water is one of the most important survival skills.

You never know what’s inside a stream or river. It has all sorts of stuff that you probably don’t want in your system. Grab a sock and fill them with charcoal. Follow it up with a layer of sand and then finally a layer of grass. The grass will catch the large particles in the water while the sand will filter out the fine granules. The charcoal will purify the water of any harmful chemicals.

Use zombies as weapons

Since DayZ Update 1.13 you can also use zombies as weapons. The trick is very simple: get a lot of zombies to follow you. Then you run in a zigzag pattern, so it is impossible for them to hit you. If you run up to another player now, some of your zombie friends will prefer to chase them and not you. This trick works best with runners, but also with all other zombies – the masses do it.

Use hand sanitizer from your survival kit to start embers.

Hand sanitizers may look like they’re only useful for cleaning your hands, but they’re also good for starting fires. This is because they contain alcohol, which is flammable. Simply use some of the stuff on a char cloth or some leaves or other tinder and they’ll easily catch fire from a spark. So always keep a small bottle in your pocket.

Keep those carbon steel parts!

The carbon sheets that you can get from saws have been proven to be able to withstand 22 calibre pistol bullets. With just a bit of duct tape and some proper attachment, you can create armour around your backpack and clothes that will protect you from shrapnel, arrows, and certain types of bullets. They’re bendable, snap proof, and pretty darn useful. There is a caveat though, Carbon steel will rust and is not stainless steel. Always check for the health condition on your tools before use.