Top 10 Survival tips

Shave off that fat wood!

The resins from pine trees are very useful if you reduce them into tiny shavings. They easily catch fire and can therefore be used as an easy to find ingredient to starting fires because the can be found practically everywhere. But what makes them special is that the smoke that’s produced from burning the shaved fat wood makes effective mosquito repellents. This is one of many perfect scenarios where carrying a survival knife makes complete sense. Here is our guide to best survival knife in the market based on various field tests and expert opinions.

Buy Used Supplies

It’s amazing the kind of deals you can find if you just look. I’m not just talking about flea markets. You can find some great stuff on Craigslist. If you’re on Facebook, try joining some local yard sale groups. My wife has found a lot of good deals that way.

Invest In Solar

You don’t have to be completely off-grid to take advantage of solar power. Companies such as Bio-Lite sell solar lights and chargers that are affordable and easy to use. And there are lots of other solar gadgets worth looking into. Even if your electricity is only off for a couple of days due to a bad storm, it sure is nice to have some extra lights or an easy way to charge your cell phone or tablet.  A couple of small panels, a battery, and some lights will go a long way toward adding a little bit of comfort to a dark night.

11 Survival Skills | The Psychology of Staying Alive

Survival enthusiasts say that when you’re in a pinch, it’s all in the head. I know, it’s one of the survival tips and tricks I never really thought about thoroughly, but it makes sense. This article will show you a few ways to stay calm in a crisis to increase your chances of survival.

Grill survival food with metal picks.

You will most likely have long, thin, metal rods or picks (used for tents) among your equipment. You can use this to form a makeshift grill but laying them across two logs. Use twigs and strings to keep them intact when necessary. Set this up over a fire and you can grill fish over the picks. You can use an aluminium cup to boil water over this setup as well.

Don’t Tell People About Your Plans

Anyone who knows about your survival supplies will think of you first when the SHTF. They might leave you alone at first, but if they get hungry enough they will turn into animals. Here’s what to do if they find out anyway.

Plant A Food Forest

Growing your own food is easier than you might think with a food forest. David the Good, of, has lots of advice to make planting a food forest easy and inexpensive. For a small investment, you can have fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, and perennials that will feed your family with little work. If you choose varieties that are native to your location, they will be easy to grow and take very little work after they are established. For more ideas, here’s how to create an edible food forest.

Learn How To Hunt And Fish

Even if you already know how to hunt and fish, make sure you know how to clean and butcher all sorts of animals. Here’s how to build a survival fishing kit.

Reflect heat around the campfire.

Even without aluminium foil or space blanket, you can still conserve heat from a fire by creating a natural reflector. First, create four stakes that will serve as a rack next to the campfire. Stack green (as in fresh) stakes into the rack until they pile up into a small wall next to the campfire. This will reflect heat otherwise blown away by the wind, giving them all to you. This will work as long as you sit across the reflector.

3 Treating Wounds

Tending to the wounds is one of the vital skills that require to be mastered by the individuals. Everyone must carry a medical kit along their journey. Before going out, learn the basics of first-aid such as tie tourniquets, manage fractures, stop bleeding, and so on. Many charity and health organizations conduct first aid courses for free and can be attended by adventurers.